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Example sentences for disbelief

She has apologized for that statement, which must have been uttered in a moment of disbelief.
Several people expressed disbelief and fired off questions to help them make sense of it.
He recalls the president's stunned disbelief when he told him that he could run up more debt than all his predecessors combined.
We need to stop the disbelief and denial, concentrating our efforts instead on proper diagnosis and treatment.
Levine wanted the technical content to sound real, so it would suspend the disbelief of his audience.
And the kids, huddling around the little smoking fire of cow chips will shake their heads in disbelief.
Boll seems out to shock his audience into stunned disbelief rather than actually entertain them.
It really does not take a lot of gee-whiz suspension of disbelief.
Standing there with your arms out feels a little odd at first, but is soon forgotten as disbelief is happily suspended.
Similar to fractional reserve banking, it requires a bit of suspension of disbelief in order to work.
Everybody's suspension of disbelief is running full tilt.
They often shook their heads in disbelief or openly mocked his ongoing testimony.
Until you perform the experiment for yourself there is only belief or disbelief.
When you write a screenplay, you need to create a character that people suspend their disbelief for.
The announcement was met with disbelief and envy from the music industry and game companies alike.
In the face of all that disbelief, having that support network was invaluable.
Heads turned as the alarmed captain looked on in stunned disbelief.
Her sally was met with laughter and shouts of disbelief from the crowd.
The argument that disbelief in evolutionary origins will plunge us into ignorance is one made without supporting data.
But let's stretch our suspension of disbelief: say psilocybin is a miracle personality booster.
In fact, basing one s disbelief on recessions alone seems equally unreasoned.
Many of his supporters have been shaking their heads in disbelief, not at what he's doing but how he's doing it.
For many people, these arguments require a willing suspension of disbelief.
The player's suspension of disbelief is also tested in the way the door itself gives way when the villain flies through it.
Artistic license, suspense of disbelief, and all that jazz.
Thought it was quite free of science related silliness and obvious mistakes, which made it much easier to suspend disbelief.
The response from the scientific community ran from disbelief to apoplectic rage.
Citing public disbelief in evolution isn't a convincing reason for why today's public disbelieves in vaccines.
In this sense it moves beyond disbelief, to more constructive and ultimately profound concerns.
But so foreign is this idea to them that they stare at me in utter disbelief.
And the first one--even in the face of clear and urgent danger--is almost always a period of intense disbelief.
While homeowners celebrated, city, county and school district officials sat in stunned disbelief.
We all remember learning in school about the suspension of disbelief.
Magic exists, and the farmer unwittingly has insulted the universe with his disbelief.
He is full of anxieties, doubts, and disbelief in the value of movies.
All voters need to do is suspend disbelief for another nine months.
She was in disbelief when she scratched her winning ticket.
Barney was in disbelief when the bartender told him of his good fortune.
The salesman was in disbelief after a retailer scanned his ticket and told him he was a big winner.
The winner was in disbelief after discovering her good fortune.
He was in total disbelief that he really had a winning ticket.

Famous quotes containing the word disbelief

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