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All of these things are a recipe for disaster.
They strike more people than any other natural disaster.
Today, millions continue to suffer from the man-made disaster.
List things you might need in a disaster, such as water and food.
If disaster — climate change, nuclear war — ever wipes out the world's crops, we'll need spare seeds.
There are many, many emergency kits and disaster plans out there.
Indonesia's Aceh province was the area hardest hit by this weekend's disaster.
They say their search for meaning in the face of disaster has led to their resolution to be better stewards of this world.
Needless to say, it sounded good, but it was a disaster.
The tremendous devastation in the disaster area is likely to be a disturbing factor.
Between oddball earthquakes and far-reaching hurricanes, much of the country is in disaster preparation mode right now.
Same with living in a flood plane or other pending disaster area.
Disaster aside, audiences of the movie still got a sense of the rocks and water allure of the sport.
Sensing disaster, scores of spectators began surging over the fence that separated the track apron from the homestretch.
It ruptured gas lines and ignited dozens of fires, many of which soon merged into the disaster's single largest blaze.
When heavy winds coincide with especially high tides, it becomes liquid chaos and disaster for the unwitting seafarer.
The scientists studying the growing disaster couldn't definitively link the two.
He always worked without a net, believing that preparing for disaster only made one more likely to occur.
All factors considered, this was a recipe for disaster.
Other researchers, however, are looking at subtler signs of the disaster's potential impacts on human health.
Chance disaster as a bigger extinction threat than once thought.
Incompetent use of the circuitry can cause a disaster, it is possible to generate high voltages in the millions of volts.
With collaborative tools, disaster-response teams and relief workers can identify risk zones and emerging threats more rapidly.
They were applied to surface oil in the gulf soon after the disaster began.
Prescience about a disaster doesn't make dealing with its consequences any easier.
When planning its response to a disaster affecting the campus network, a college should not limit itself to local happenings.
The combination of inexorably rising higher-education costs and lower state subsidies is a disaster for low-income families.
We have all heard disaster stories of foreign campuses forced to close and of offshore ventures falling afoul of host governments.
The tubby are a health disaster and an aesthetic outrage to boot.
Credit cards are extremely convenient, but they contain the potential for disaster.
To lose many of these programs is a disaster in the making.
Also, as perpetual student notes, our tax structure that relies too heavily on personal income and sales taxes is a disaster.
But with finals on the horizon, missing two more discussion sessions would have been a disaster.
What they regarded as a triumph he cast as a disaster.
Disaster funding is usually uncontroversial, but in the new era of fiscal conservatism, a debate is forming over how to handle it.
To understand why the euro has turned into such a disaster, let's revisit why it exists in the first place.
More than anything, the messages reveal the fine line between triumph and disaster.
If it can't design and maintain a nuclear power plant to withstand a natural disaster, then no nation can.
On this tenth anniversary, relatives of the victims look back on a disaster the rest of the country has all but forgotten.
The gathering was labeled a disaster response meeting, but in reality it was a three-hour public health lesson.
Students should be prepared to ask questions about disaster plans at the school, neighborhood, and city levels.
It is a tale of disasters and of deliverances that only delayed disaster.
But one day an unexpected disaster brought this pleasant state of things to an end.
By dawn, news helicopters were capturing live footage of the disaster.
Fans got their money's worth: disaster and triumph in one night.
They are re-proving it at the moment by again threatening a government shutdown, this time by holding disaster relief hostage.
Watching any disaster, from near or far, makes us aware that memorials are not only places but also experiences.
As a physical realization of disaster, parts of the picture are stunning.
He says it would be trickier to operate them without radio communications, which often are noisy during a disaster.
One of the goals of earthquake research is to provide warnings that can mitigate the effects of a disaster.
Imagine the entire wasted wood product from any disaster.
Those who endorse global warming universally seem to see it as a looming disaster for life on the planet.
While these relationships are extremely prevalent in affluent circles, they almost always end in disaster.
Eating all this toxicity and working off the calories, it was a recipe for disaster.
Next to the beanbag is a wicker pig, a gift from her romantic disaster.
And in the same way, you choose between coercion and disaster.
If she had a guy a little bit negative, that would be a disaster.
News of the disaster immediately spread across the battalion communications net.
She was thrust into a world where she learned about every possible coming disaster directly from the prime minister himself.
After the meeting, he was unable to sleep, convinced of his own role in a certain disaster.
Junior year was a major disaster-too much media attention, too little attention to basketball.
Hardly a day goes by without news of some further disaster wreaked by the freezing up of credit.
The financial disaster was mirrored in the station's declining audience.
In the bright light shed by family disaster, few marriages look good.
But as a counterterrorism strategy, it appears to be a disaster.
The future of the sparse population which has remained in the disaster areas is in ashes.
And in each and every case, the desire leads to disaster.
On economic issues he was a reformer, but on civil liberties he was a disaster.
While it represents a huge loss to the industry as a whole, for some companies it's a disaster.
It ended with a setback for the independent society and a disaster for the totalitarian state.
Its rulers show no sincere signs of having learned anything or forgotten anything, despite their near disaster.
Our economy also has a central bank that is willing to furnish credit to forestall financial disaster.
Emanuel and his colleagues aren't sure which disaster befell the dinosaurs.
For one thing, there are the avoidable problems of not doing enough to prepare for the inevitable appearance of disaster.
Some questions remain, such as what type of torpedo caused the disaster.
The universal human myth may be the first example of disaster reporting.
The article notes that science and engineering prevented this disaster from being a lot worse.
So the upshot is that this is pretty bad, but possibly not a disaster.
Bacteria that have evolved defenses against antibiotics are something of a disaster waiting to happen.
In that spill, the pelican was the oil-covered bird species that symbolized environmental disaster.
Some have said the disaster provides an opportunity for the solar sector to show it can meet our needs without nuclear in the mix.
It'd be a major disaster especially since how the heck do you get the clean up crews and equipment up there.
For a permanent lunar base, such mechanical failures could spell disaster.
There's always ways to prevent signal the damage against a natural disaster.
Recovering from a disaster is usually a gradual process.
Getting back to business after a disaster depends on preparedness planning done today.
Removing the gas tax would be a disaster for our roads, which are already crumbling.

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