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To persuade them to disarm, they need to be taught other ways of making a living.
And by seeing how these cells act when confronted with a new invader, researchers are hoping to disarm the enemy far in advance.
He must simultaneously suggest offensiveness and disarm it, with an invitation to hip complicity.
Our immune system constantly produces antibody molecules, which identify and disarm foreign particles, termed antigens.
To disarm the trap, one of the supremacists must perform an act where his skin is ripped from his body.
Disarm your customers by showing you think of them as people not marks.
They can disarm an opponent before he can move to an offensive position.
To disarm the field, a code had to be typed into a nearby keypad.
We spent decades in excruciating negotiation to disarm and limit nuclear proliferation.
Nothing in the new law will suddenly equip them to disarm the teenage armies in the favelas.
Others have stopped fighting but are holding out for a political settlement and refusing to disarm until they get it.
After all, the best way for the bank to disarm its dafter critics is to replace them with more sophisticated ones.
The president should use this fact, he thinks, to disarm his critics.
Being able to basically disarm the gene the becomes resistant to medicines would greatly extend the lives of many other medicines.
The best way to disarm the pharmaceuticals and others is to make genomic information ubiquitous.
Her natural instinct is to charm, to disarm, to retreat from harm.
They attacked peacekeepers who were sent to disarm them.
Disarm them by refusing to play into their trap of bickering.
Upon making entry into the structure, the subject attacked the officer, attempting to disarm him.
It is used to defend and disarm while also protecting the attacker from serious injury.
Have students discuss whether it is reasonable to disarm a former enemy belligerent.
Orders were soon given to disarm the state guard companies.
The department did not remove or disarm the explosive, but called the police.
Certainly, more gun laws in response to this violence will only serve to disarm lawful citizens.
It is standard law enforcement practice to immediately disarm a wounded subject and remove any weapons to a safe location.

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