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Example sentences for disapprove

Most of them disapprove of that cynicism to the extent that they are willing to suffer to make a point.
As expected, entertainment groups disapprove of such measures.
They know that voters disapprove of these newspapers at the same time as buying them.
Some cling to democracy as the final ideal, and certainly they have the right to disapprove of our service.
They disapprove of the vapid notion that spending more on a soft drink or ice cream can bring happiness or social cachet.
But even if members wanted to form one, they felt that management would disapprove.
Shareholders disapprove of paying down long-term debt, especially if it is a fixed interest rate.
The report was accurate, and the students did not disapprove of the gossip.
By overwhelming margins, they either disapprove or are remarkably indifferent.
Much she did in secret, so that her husband couldn't disapprove.
The resolution, however, does more than disapprove of these voluntary guidelines for teachers.
Family members often disapprove of the divorce and do not hesitate to say so.
Others complained that, though you might disapprove of some clauses and approve of others, it was a take-it-or-leave it package.
Significantly, nearly half strongly disapprove of his performance in these two crucial areas.
Eric, there is speech you apparently disapprove of and your reaction is to ban it.
Not why people of good will would disapprove and should put the put the full weight of social disapproval on the offenders.
But to work without credentials is inviting trouble, even if the authorities don't step up and inform you that they disapprove.
The department shall review plans and approve or disapprove them in whole or in part.
If you disapprove an item, you will have to provide a reason.
Approve, disapprove, or modify resolutions for establishment of county district libraries.

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