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To be honest, it sounds a bit disappointing and depressingly mainstream.
It is extremely disappointing that the exhibit is said to be so small.
That's a good question, but the answer might be disappointing.
These books proved disappointing to persons who sought readable narratives.
Yet the names of the ballad-makers, even when known, are rather disappointing.
Bok's probe into the feminine nature had been keenly disappointing.
The disappointing thing was that she seemed more interested in the house than in him.
He little knows the perfect joy he loses, for the disappointing gratifications which he pursues.
It is disappointing, then, to note the paucity of literature on one elemental experience: disappointment.
They'd make wonderful disappointing tiddlywinks, too.
Also, some universities post only the numeric scores for faculty, which is disappointing.
As harsh as this sounds, there are jobs but they may not be what a graduate wants and the pay may be disappointing.
It was disappointing to not be able to film that part of the trip.
Most disappointing to scientists was the lack of any precursors.
Though initially disappointing, this delay has actually proven to be a boon.
It is disappointing to read that what the posters post is attacking the posters.
What a disappointing article for such an interesting idea.
Some progress has been made, but overall the record is disappointing.
The results of the experiments where scholastic performance was rewarded were uniformly disappointing.
But many economists may view this release as more disappointing than the previous month's figure.
If returns are disappointing then pensions will be, too.
Today the economy is firmly back on its feet, but its pace of growth remains disappointing.
So far the financial performance of the collaboration has been disappointing.
After seven quarters of disappointing performance, it needs to regain credibility with investors.
If the goal is to improve the tax code, this grab-bag of measures is deeply disappointing.
Also, there were disappointing results with bond auctions.
For telecoms companies, however, it has been an expensive and somewhat disappointing exercise.
Disappointing consumer-price figures this week added to the concern.
In practice the results so far have been disappointing.
Now they have to choose between disappointing the bond markets and imposing austerity on their voters.
Had a disappointing combine and has seen his stock drop.
The desserts were particularly disappointing, offering impressive architectural platings but little in the way of flavor.
And, aside from an excellent fruit salad, the breakfast toast and sausages were disappointing.
But the results have nevertheless been disappointing.
The power of disappointing them, it was true, must always be hers.
The stakes are so high and the performance is so utterly disappointing.
Of course, that doesn't make it any less disappointing that the functionality is gone.
If economists' expectations are any indication, then this report was disappointing.
McDonald's tested healthier meals with disappointing results.
However, drugs designed to curb stroke damage by blocking glutamate's effects have shown disappointing results in clinical trials.
Recording is somewhat disappointing with this device too.
Though the news about lithium was disappointing, it was also valuable.
And even disappointing results can be instructive if they yield enough data.
Once again, the early comments were disappointing in their anger and hostility.
It is disappointing that some people have painted this problem as easy to solve.
What makes the film so disappointing is not its errors of fact but the sullen sloth with which its episodes unfold.
Insofar as it represents his own choreography, it is disappointing.
The effect was sometimes disappointing, but it made strategic sense.
Nor are they disappointing as pieces of writing-quite the opposite.
Coming from a jurist of such distinction, this was a disappointing answer.
The first half of the concert felt strange-a little disappointing, a little disorienting.
He's a pianist who has been rather disappointing lately.
Due to summer twilight, fireworks were disappointing.
Surgeons have often touted procedures that ultimately proved to be disappointing.
Not a surprise, perhaps, but disappointing nonetheless.
The result, it appears, was not so much disappointing as nonexistent.
The austere view that virtue should be its own reward is disappointing in another way.
But these heretofore unknown items are disappointing.
The neglect of the ornamental framework of these imposing complex constructions is equally disappointing.
Lovecraft's career, however, was increasingly disappointing to him.
It makes a handsome book, ultimately disappointing because it does not meet the challenge it sets itself.
That's gotta be disappointing for fans when they meet you.
For those who prefer to play it safe, the engraved picture frame is a consistently disappointing choice.
Over the last six months as a whole, output and unemployment have clearly been disappointing.

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