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Example sentences for disappoint

Someone who really scares you, whom you would not dare disappoint.
It is not the first, nor will it be the last, to disappoint.
And to the great disappoint of some, no sign of life of any kind.
Leaving the ocean view to drive inland in search of more ice will not disappoint.
Now that it's in my grubby hands, it doesn't disappoint.
It's an ancient profession whose costs always exceed expectations and whose pleasures invariably disappoint.
However, my cousin and her husband are intentionally funny and never disappoint.
The likelihood that he is developing a fancy scooter will no doubt disappoint many people.
We wondered if he was going to do a magic trick, and he did not disappoint.
Industrial production is falling sharply, and consumption continues to disappoint.
After all, it has been in fashion before, only to disappoint foreign and local companies alike.
New candidates promise millions of jobs, new ideas and miracles only to disappoint within a year or two.
Lee didn't disappoint his fans, arriving on stage via a giant spider.
And no matter how you judge it, it's easy to say that last night did not disappoint.
With such hopes invested in her, she is almost bound to disappoint.
Given the proper setup and sufficient urging, my students usually won't disappoint me.
At some point, he will have to disappoint one of them.
By virtue of their mythic stature, diners usually disappoint.
If you were hoping for an in-depth report on royal canap├ęs, sorry to disappoint.
They so frequently disappoint, appearing and appearing as none other than flawed humans.
In turn, she did not want to disappoint their expectations but chafed at the lost hours.
Compared to this taut narrative, the latter-day frame can hardly help but disappoint.
Although this might disappoint its shareholders, it probably comes as a relief to everybody else.
He cannot please both the progressive wing of his party and the middle of the electorate, though he can easily disappoint both.
Still, the room was filled by dozens of local scientists, writers and educators and the students certainly did not disappoint.
Green vegetables often disappoint at this time of year, but the avocado brings a blast of summery freshness.
But night after night, they disappoint their manager.
And so the critical biography, the psychological biography, the psycho-critical biography arise to tease and to disappoint us.
Because these figures have no responsibilities, they cannot disappoint.
It must have been a great solace to him on the night before the race, know- ing h had nobody to disappoint.
He's a guilt-ridden fantasist and an escape artist who can't bear to disappoint his family and friends.
So as not to disappoint my legion of fans, here goes.
The more they get paid, the more is expected of them, and the more likely they are to disappoint.
All descriptions of hipsters are doomed to disappoint, because they will not be the hipsters you know.
Can't get no satisfaction: why rock memoirs consistently disappoint.
Their effect on those they enrich or disappoint is never negligible, and sometimes unexpectedly charged.
The large parking lot can be crowded, but the falls promise a wet and wild time and do not disappoint.
Dive safely, take the time to see what's here, and the ocean won't disappoint you.
His quick wit, easy smile, and instant familiarity did not disappoint.
By trying not to disappoint anybody, politicians may yet disappoint everybody.
However, this cruise line doesn't disappoint guests when in port.
Dunlap, defensive teammates didn't disappoint in crunch time.
Sorry to disappoint them, but the universe is self consistent.
Ordinary people are urged to live righteously, but expected to disappoint.
As such if you have to disappoint them by walking away, you may not feel as guilty.
Carl didn't disappoint: within a few short pages he had me completely, delightfully hooked.
Both party's destiny, in the main, is to disappoint their respective bases and outrage their opponents.
If returns disappoint, there may be growing pressure to cut fees-which would be a sure signal that the industry is maturing.
Volatile economies, political upheaval and depreciating exchange rates against the euro have conspired to disappoint.
But if he continues to disappoint, some wonder if he will last his full five years in office.
Cook can be competent, but he will be destined to disappoint.
The window is brief, as a tropical sundown can seem as swift as a blanket thrown over a birdcage, but the ibis do not disappoint.
Songbirds and raptors will not disappoint, while shorebirds offer more of a challenge because of their size and wariness.
We understand that these conditions may not have been expected and may disappoint some people.
They may disappoint you, which might make you angry or frustrated.
Many potential chemotherapy drugs for melanoma have looked promising in the lab, only to disappoint when tested in patients.
It is better to produce too much than disappoint a customer.
Marlin both white and blue did not disappoint this year.
Becky refused because she was afraid to disappoint her parents.
The next day's performance didn't disappoint the audience, either.

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