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The belief that suicide bombers are poor, uneducated, disaffected or disturbed is contradicted by science.
No outburst by a disaffected human should be ignored.
These techniques resonate with a generation disaffected by conventional politics.
Every year the authorities worry that the disaffected will use the session as a pretext to air grievances.
He brought a disaffected cohort of voters into the electoral process and into his party.
There is also little sign of co-ordination among different disaffected groups.
Even a decade of growth has left plenty of poor and disaffected people.
He may have no intention of meeting the demands of the disaffected, but he clearly sees political value in listening to them.
Opposition politicians, newspaper columnists and a disaffected former foreign minister are beginning to find their voice.
Why they don't care and are so disaffected should be dissected afterwards but that does not excuse their actions.
Until the disaffected are given a voice, violence is their only tool to get noticed.
All countries have some disaffected folk, of course.
In the end, he says, he became disaffected for two reasons.

Famous quotes containing the word disaffected

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We do not need to minimize the poverty of the ghetto or the suffering inflicted by whites on blacks in order to see that... more
A church is disaffected when it is persecuted, quiet when it is tolerated, and actively loyal when it is fa... more
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