disabuse in a sentence

Example sentences for disabuse

Disabuse yourself especially of the belief that any grace or flow of style can come from writing rapidly.
No one in my family could disabuse me of that belief.
It is the function of elders to disabuse the children of their foolishness, while showing them the riches of the better choices.
But a look at history should disabuse investors of that notion.
Let s disabuse our mind of the authorities and listen once in the while to the crackpots.
There is always, of course, something waiting for me mere moments into the day's ride to disabuse me of that vision.
In fairness, the band doesn't exactly try to disabuse us of that notion, admirably so.
If you ever have the tendency to think that the camera makes the photographer, he will quickly disabuse you of that notion.
Goldman was under no obligation to disabuse them of their opinions.
Before you suggest others learn history, you might take some steps to disabuse yourself of your own drooling ignorance.
He displays courage in order to disabuse himself of his fear.
Danny, who was on a two-day bender at the time, never had the courage to disabuse her of this notion.
Although he'd had many opportunities to disabuse her he'd instead actively fostered the misunderstanding.
We'll never disabuse socialists of the feeling that if the state had more power they could fix everything, including flat tires.
Mendelsohn's obtuseness at times suggests that he is in the grip of a predisposition struggling against disabuse.
And he is quick to disabuse anyone of the illusions they may have about their idols.
Here, defendants thought the action limited to those identified, and plaintiff did not disabuse them of the understanding.
King did not disabuse the trial court of this notion.
He went on at length in an attempt to disabuse those concerns.
Allow me, also, to disabuse the minds of your readers in regard to another point.
They wish the miners to disabuse their minds of any such theories.
And he left her to her regrets, for she dared not disabuse him.
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