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The device has also found advocates among educators and, in many remarkable ways, among the disabled.
And now we've disabled an entire generation with physical and psychological problems with two pointless wars.
He's galvanized the disabled individuals of his country.
Among those that don't, it's roughly estimated that a third can be disabled.
He became ill and disabled and spent the last years of his life in an insane asylum.
Photo captions are included by default, but may be disabled.
The success boosts hopes for mind-controlled robotic prosthetics that may help disabled humans achieve some mobility.
Then they excluded human genes that also exist in primate relatives, but are disabled.
Among the promoters of electronic voting machines are advocates for disabled voters.
It's an insult to the genuinely disabled to call the obese disabled.
To double-check, the team disabled the gene in another worm.
Disabled genes, molecular relics scattered across the human genomic landscape, have a story of their own to tell.
Getting off the ground is difficult enough for the disabled traveler.
They are physically disabled people trying to retrain themselves for a new career.
Such industries also employ disabled and older workers on low pay.
Migraines and vestibular problems did not qualify me as disabled in my state.
To receive any reading materials, the blind and disabled must prove their condition, he said.
Customers and clients are uncomfortable in the presence of disabled employees.
Although the act has succeeded in helping many genuinely disabled people into jobs, it has also sown huge confusion.
One took off in entirely the wrong direction and had to be disabled by remote control.
People who lack one are considered developmentally challenged, even disabled.
Next, he examined those cells to see whether they started making the previously disabled viruses.
Some people do something for the disabled or something.
Many disabled people, in particular, welcome the opportunity to take control of their own destinies.
My vehicle comes to a hasty halt as a disabled car emerges abruptly from the murk dead ahead.
For certain children, they see people who are disabled and decide they want to be that way.
The disabled appear to do marginally better academically in mainstream settings.
The government will tighten welfare for single parents, some disabled people and others, all designed to nudge them into jobs.
The charging infrastructure needs to include disabled veterans, children and the elderly that use wheelchairs for getting around.
But cutting benefits aimed at the disabled is politically tricky.
Severely disabled patients exploring rugged mountains and valleys.
Many were pensioned off as long-term sick or disabled rather than continuing to seek work.
The first is that he has severely disabled the system of factions which had long run the party.
But in cancer cells this mechanism has often been genetically disabled or otherwise broken, allowing tumors to proliferate.
The building is ancient and to accommodate disabled people would require some serious redesign.
His more kindly stepfather was a disabled civil-war veteran.
Ultimately, if you're disabled you may have to take action to protect yourself.
Motion sensors trigger their cheerful chirping and movements but can also be disabled so you can enjoy these birds in silence.
My other half is disabled and cannot do weight bearing exercise.
Although they'll work with any other iPod, the remote and microphone functions will be disabled.
For stretches of years at various times in my life, some inflammatory condition has come and pretty near disabled me.
We see those severely disabled soldiers shipped off to inadequate care in low-bid nursing homes.
These skills may also help the learning disabled improve speech comprehension.
Officials then disabled the system while they investigated the source of the message.
First of all, there is the age-old banking device: giving the disabled a walking stick.
They've done quite a good job of accessibility for disabled users.
The paddles smash too easily, and the boat is then disabled.
My brother was strange to others because he was learning disabled.
Anyone who gets caught with a disabled alarm is fined fifty pounds.
He is blind and developmentally disabled, and he has cerebral palsy.
Many more people become paralyzed or permanently disabled.
So to learn more about the process, the researchers disabled kinase proteins in yeast cells.
Granted, if you're disabled or injured, you could certainly make use of a hands-free feature.
It put in perspective what my participation could mean to millions of other disabled people.
In any case, lone parents and the disabled can choose whether or not to attend the interviews.
It's pretty much impossible to evict a senior or a disabled renter.
The question of how to finance the long-term care of the elderly, and disabled adults of working age, has long vexed politicians.
When one becomes disabled all of those behind it cannot proceed.
The aged, the poor and the disabled don't have any money.
Two-fifths had been bullied at school, about double the rate of their non-disabled peers.
More help and support for disabled students, please.
Simply put, many small towns are mere years away from extinction, while others limp along in a weakened and disabled state.
Students said their comments were being individually deleted every few minutes, and finally all posts were disabled.
Then he was told that one of the survivors was too disabled to be trusted further.
It also does not include those who are unable to work because they are physically or mentally disabled.
Many others have disabled children or parents for whom they are the primary caretakers.
Homebound elderly and disabled people who could vote by absentee ballot in primaries can't participate in caucuses.
And he further acknowledges the benefits educational technology can offer disabled students.
Another twenty percent goes to helping the retired, the disabled, and the widowed pay for essentials.
If they do shoot someone, they are likely to stop as soon as that someone is disabled, and call for an ambulance.
Instead of paying to repair them, the company often burned disabled trucks in pits or by the side of the road.
The order of seating was disabled only first, unaccompanied children then what ever got left overs to the magic number.
The researchers are also adapting the robot to help disabled children exercise and express themselves.
When the complex is disabled, some genes are trapped in the tightly packed state.
School paddling is discriminatorily applied to boys, minorities, disabled and low income students.
He is still extremely disabled, but in a fundamental way, he is back.
If the human trials prove to be safe, expanded trials involving more severely disabled patients and larger injections may follow.
We might as well allow natural hormone enhancements for those disabled from low testosterone or too high body fat.
They placed pregnant females in cages with wolf spiders whose killing fangs had been disabled with wax.
We have disabled your ignition and summoned a police officer.
Simultaneously, the brain loses its ability to control blood supply and respiration, leaving the heart and lungs disabled.
Disabled parking is only available in the green, gold and blue economy lot sections.

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