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Unplug the network cable and disable any wireless networking.
To think something as simple as a different typeface could aid in restoring the ability to read to the disable is spectacular.
It is perhaps more surprising that there also seems to be demand for products that disable features.
Disable its action and muscles will grow in parts of the anatomy where other animals do not even have them.
The more complex communications networks become, the harder it is to disable them swiftly, remotely or unilaterally.
He wonders whether spooked patients might disable all this clever kit.
Sometimes these disable the anti-proliferation genes.
Users can remove or disable apps installed on phones.
We consulted with our maintenance department by radio and were advised to disable the right hand stall warning system.
It is far easier for birds to disable a plane with two engines than one with four engines.
Polio was a pervasive, terrifying disease that had the potential to disable anyone without immunity.
Many scientists are trying to find drugs that disable the proteases.
Her efforts to disable them sparked a series of garage experiments to reprogram her car in unusual ways.
Swarms of antibodies disable the invader, marking it for destruction by white blood cells or other immune molecules.
Clunky install wizard makes you disable your existing router.
If you're only using it with cars, an optional loop detector will disable the sensor unless a vehicle is present.
But the excruciating pain can disable small farmers, threatening their families with starvation.
Ask the editor if you can disable them on your columns.
We can also do more to disable the rhetoric that conflates industrialization with poverty alleviation.
Please use the appropriate steps below to disable your pop-up blocker.
Another option would be to disable the popup blocker while you are accessing our website.
However, you may have set your security settings or firewall software to disable scripting.
Many users are unwilling to enable or disable functionality as required to secure their web browser.

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Remove advertising, disable a person or firm from preconising [proclaiming] its wares and their merits, and... more
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