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Most people will experience a physical or mental disability during their lifetimes.
He mainly practices disability law, with good reason.
One of the reasons they gave for not enforcing their claim was my disability.
In the civilian world, it's illegal to deny health coverage or disability benefits on the basis of genetic information.
Disability benefits have been generous, and qualification for the scheme has been lightly policed.
Although a disability for many,both fear and pain have saved life on more than one occasion.
The first criterion for calling something psychopathological is certainly disability.
Until recently, cognitive psychologists thought that dyslexia was a specific disability that affected only reading and writing.
The precedents for the much more important battles that lie ahead-particularly over disability benefits-are not encouraging.
People who are blind in one eye suffer from this disability.
We will also be able to expand the complexity and coverage of existing insurance, notably disability insurance.
And the poor also spend more of their shorter lives coping with a disability.
The lifetime cost of disability benefits is significant.
Such erroneous information could impact care quality or impede later efforts to obtain medical, life, or disability insurance.
They also found virtually no evidence of attempts to inflate disability claims.
We see disabled soldiers who can't get adequate disability payments.
Presumably it's the income effect of disability or caretaking responsibilities.
They're much more sympathetic to disability, social security, and other transfers to the less able-bodied.
Boys also dominate dropout lists, failure lists, and learning-disability lists.
Her complete disability justified complete medical and personal care.
Kyle believes that his disability shouldn't prevent him from doing anything he wants to do or anyone he wants to be.
Without a voice deaf females face a triple stigma: gender, poverty and disability.
Several years ago, some of the surviving liquidators even went on a hunger strike to protest their low disability payments.
These are veterans checks, these are folks on disability and their checks.
They help apply for disability insurance and fill out paperwork for state-run housing where their medication can be overseen.
Their marriages dissolved, and their careers were reduced to a series of odd jobs and disability checks.
If ignorance was a disability you'd get a full pension.
Sure talk about paraplegia as a noun when you're talking about the disability.
Back pain is the leading reason for disability and missed work.
Or, more generously, as an affliction or a disability or a crutch.
Many people who dictate into their computers do it because they must, perhaps because of a disability.
But for war veterans and victims of violent crime, the persistence of traumatic memories can mean a life of disability.
It is wonderful to realize how adaptable the human brain is and that coping with disability makes us stronger in some ways.
As is often the case in life, his slight physical disability-a stammer-adds something to his dangerous charm.
So the scheme will do nothing to identify people who might be able to work, but have opted to stay on disability benefit.
The trouble, he says, is that many of those with severe limitations are unable to qualify for disability benefits.
Disability benefits offer another exit route, with take-up often reflecting not poor health but incentives to retire early.
The remaining third suffer from a variety of health problems, from physical disability to chronic depression.
Add the full costs of health care and disability payments for returning veterans.
There was something almost noble about the way she handled her disability.
She quit work and went on non-service veterans' disability.
It's a disability that complicates everything from following a movie plot to picking a perp out of a lineup.
Disc jockey sues station, alleging disability discrimination.

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