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Dis is defiant, saying that he has begun asking customers to contribute money so he can pay whatever fines are levied.
In fact, the police knew nothing at all, because the bodies had not been dis- covered.
Often, the whole lecturing type environment might of a dis-service to students of today.
And thus she is not dis-honoured by their conduct, which appears holy.
Belief or dis-belief in an afterlife can work both ways.
Only well-designed research, executed well, can help dis-entangle these things.
And, a true dis-service to those that could certainly benefit from it.
Clearly trying to inform the public with bad information is not doing them a service, but a dis-service.
It's not dis-provable, which is a necessary aspect of science.
The clientele, it seems, is happy to dis the turf but still likes to play the field.
The alcohol gels that you dis are absolutely proven to prevent nosocomial infections in clinical settings.
If it's so bad, let's convince people who benefit from it to dis-enroll.

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