dirt road in a sentence

Example sentences for dirt road

Turn right and drive until the road pavement ends then continue until you come to an intersecting dirt road.
If you think that, you have never gone to a rural school by a dirt road.
The second dirt road was followed by the last row of houses.
Along the dirt road, the foundations of a few mud-brick houses were still visible.
At the end of a dirt road, in the shadow of a small mountain sits a gray trailer.
As they flee, two cars hurtle down a nearby dirt road in the opposite direction-straight at the tornado.
It's a two-mile dirt road that the bus has to go up through.
Eight or nine of them are walking up a dirt road, jesting and smiling.
For a toll, farmers and other haulers could take goods to market much more expeditiously than on an ordinary dirt road.
He was buried in a tiny cemetery down the dirt road from his house.
For example a dirt road could be covered with gravel or slag.
When you break out of the forest onto the dirt road, go right.
In addition, horseback riders are free to go on any dirt road, or even to travel cross country.
On the dirt road take the first left fork and continue down to a small parking area overlooking the tide station site.
Cross the railroad tracks and follow the signs south on the dirt road.
Park at junction with closed dirt road heading south.
Proceed straight ahead, past an old barn to a dirt road, where you go right.
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