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The liquid drops take small particles of dirt and grime with them.
Covetousness is never satisfied until its mouth is filled with dirt.
Let him be a standing exhibition and example of ugliness and dirt.
Dirt does not survive long, once within the walls of the lodging-house.
Vegetables are in danger of spoiling if dirt or foreign substances of any kind remain on them.
Rags and dirt are now the exception rather than the rule.
Convoys of carts loaded with bricks and mortar were arriving every day along dirt tracks.
In the spring, he will have to clear the dirt away from each one by hand.
At the end of that process the puffins emerge quite covered in dirt.
Regions devastated by natural disasters still have one thing in abundance: dirt.
Yet even here life thrives, according to scientists who have pulled a plug of dirt from the seafloor.
But they do dig holes in the dirt to use as nests for their eggs.
Platypuses use their nails and feet to construct dirt burrows at the water's edge.
It was located high on the mountain, where simple piles of dirt had been arranged in neat rows.
Such piles are created as rain or floodwaters gush through the caves, washing the dirt and bones into a corner.
Permafrost is basically dirt that's been permanently frozen for hundreds or thousands of years, much of it since the last ice age.
Before moving a single grain of dirt, archaeologists make maps of the area and take detailed photographs.
Some plains form as ice and water erodes, or wears away, the dirt and rock on higher land.
Imagine a pond at the bottom of a dirt-covered cliff.
Mounds of dirt, in turn, sometimes topped the structures.
The driver speeds off, but is caught a short distance down the dirt road by another officer.
Moisten the layers with water, and then cover them with a small amount of regular dirt.
The dirt eaten is usually free of pathogens and high in calcium.
It might seem strange to compare a bowl of cornflakes to a pile of dirt.
Heh, except that so much dirt these days is contaminated with pollution and lawn chemicals.
If you think that, you have never gone to a rural school by a dirt road.
Store the drops in cheap containers made of rocks and dirt.
These structures function as the lymph nodes of the eye, trapping unwanted dirt and detritus.
Step on a hunk of quartz in the dirt, and you'll think nothing of it.
The water-softening process thus helps detergents to more effectively remove dirt and oils from clothing and dishes.
We stand in warm rain on a dirt road and contemplate a cattle pasture.
He promised that he would never again buy food without consulting her and was spared from having to eat the dirt-covered pastries.
The fires burn downward, acquiring air through fissures in rock and microscopic spaces between grains of dirt.
We headed out in a truck along narrow red dirt trails through thick scrub.
They want to find artifacts that tell stories about what happened on that land a long time ago, and they're striking pay dirt.
Ng used delicate brushes and mild solutions, some as basic as distilled water, to remove centuries of dust and dirt.
Storage cellars-indicated by dense caches of objects in the dirt below some of the buildings-held the village's surplus.
Part of the appeal of farmers' markets is getting face time with those who spend their days with their hands in the dirt.
My genes will sink into the dirt along with the rest of the contents of my cells.
Insulted, hounded and despised, dirt these days has nowhere to hide.
Many species, for example, consume dirt-a behaviour known as geophagy.
She lives nearby down muddy dirt roads, in a cluster of ramshackle huts of corrugated iron, salvaged wood and tarpaulins.
Even then, the dirt was seen as an inconvenience, outweighed by the jobs that the plant brought.
Mix and match forks, tires and bars and she's anything you want: a dirt-jumper, a cross-country rig or even a commuter.
Hopefully, some of the future plans will be dirt-cheap, allowing people to amortize the initial cost of the unlocked phone.
His repair stand is the dirt floor, and his tools are home-made.
If you pull an onion at an angle, it will come out of the dirt with less of a fight than if you pull it up vertically.
They were flecked with blood, and muddy dirt, some more than others.
Dirt and disorder were the enduring enemy in the household.
The lion's sandy color matched perfectly the rubble-studded dirt on which he was lying.
Barefoot kids wade through the dirt piled in the street.
Instead of removing dirt, water tends to slop it around.
Its overall look is rougher, with less chrome and gloss, and more dirt and ash.
While dinner was being cooked, one of them washed out a pan of dirt and obtained more than a dollar.
Split each leek in half lengthwise and rinse carefully to remove any dirt between the leaves.
Also because the roof is covered with waterproofing and a lot of dirt, the roof is preserved and tends to last longer.
Microbial fuel cells, which use electrodes in dirt to power a small motor, have long been more or less a laboratory curiosity.
The dune buggy racers are kicking up dirt on their way to the track.
But that produces a pocket that can collect dirt and increase the chances of infection.
After all, the main pay dirt won't be found by studying small populations but by understanding the larger groups around the globe.
Dirt, vibration and extremes of hot and cold are part of everyday railroad operation.
It became popular to use darker roofing shingles, which more resembled wooden shingles and better concealed dirt and mold.
She directs him towards the freight house, demands that he kneel down and put his face in the dirt.
In some industries, dirt-poor newcomers lower wages.
The dirt is heaviest with this between street level and the thirty-fifth floor of a building.
When she visits the flat she finds it filled with dirt.
The home field-less team would practice at a nearby all-dirt field and return all covered in, you guessed it, dirt.
The infantry have dirt behind their ears, according to an infantry song.
All of them were dirt-encrusted, hollow-eyed, half-starved.
The pavement gives way to dirt roads, green bamboo growing everywhere.
Scratching around in the ancient dirt of repellent prejudice instead of tackling the real issues is amateur hour.
Without naming names or digging up decades-old dirt, let's address the pertinent questions.
There are no road signs, no roads, and dirt trails cut through the bromeliad forests.
Scoop up some dirt, and you'll probably wind up with some slime mold.
The ultimate source may lie in the dirt beneath our feet.
The kits included a pair of abalone shells holding paint made from a red dirt known as ocher.
Clouds of dirt, dust, and flames billowed out from beneath the craft as it lifted.
Drops of water sit on top of these studs and as they roll off, they pick up dirt and other particles.
There is the typical egg-shaped zone of newly exposed dirt above and a big pile of dirt below.
He had used a steam shovel to dig the dirt from the cliff.
But surely an uncompacted heap of rock and dirt wouldn't persist for half a billion years.

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