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Example sentences for dirge

The sound of that dirge still remains in the porches of my ears.
Stop the dirge, cancel the flowers and hold the condolences.
The dirge-like back-to-school drumbeat appears to be growing.
With the dirge, and the sounds of lamenting, and voices of women who weep.
The crowd's groan was like a dirge.
The nicest thing he could find to say about it was that it was a dirge.
Flip is a slow, dirge-like blues also spotlighting drums and the singer's own guitar.
Meanwhile, the sound of a dirge swells in from behind the village.
The snow chains on passing cars beat out a dirge-like, clanging rhythm.
This and the preceding two dances passed like a long dirge.
If research was music, it was either a dirge or a modern cacophony of discordant simulations.
When you have a funeral procession, the people are doing more of a slow dirge.
The swan murmurs sweet strains with a faltering tongue, itself the singer of its own dirge.

Famous quotes containing the word dirge

Ye could not know where lies a thing so fair, No stone is there to show, no tongue to say, What was; no dirgemore
Living, just by itself—what a dirge that is! Life is a classroom and Boredom's the usher, there all the t... more
Troll the bowl, the jolly nut-brown bowl, And here, kind mate, to thee! Let's sing a dirge for Saint Hugh's... more
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