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Example sentences for directions

Read aloud the directions and go over the provided answer.
Preview the worksheet by reading aloud the directions.
These flow in opposite directions around the circuit.
Retiring boomers will squeeze the economy from two directions.
None have been in government before and they are pulling in different directions.
The government is suddenly paying attention-but its urge to regulate is pulling it in two different directions.
The directions were too nuanced for currency traders to heed.
Another problem is that disruptive technologies often come at the world from unlikely directions.
Economics is producing a torrent of research, coursing in all directions.
In future, he thinks, medical knowledge will increasingly flow in many directions.
The firm had also diversified in all directions, including helicopter avionics and consumer online services.
Certainly their unemployment rates have been moving in opposite directions.
Aside from a few warehouses and other buildings sitting nearby, a scrubby landscape stretches off in all directions.
The problem is that the energy is transmitted in all directions, which means that power is lost rapidly with distance.
The business model for consumer magazines is under pressure from several directions at once, both online and off.
These branches should be well spaced along the trunk and should radiate in different directions so they don't shade each other.
Make your own backyard adobe oven with our step-by-step pictures and directions.
For the canyon preserve, ask for directions when you call for reservations.
It's much easier to roll dough into a circle if you work from the center out to the edge in all directions.
Follow label directions for dilution to avoid burning plants.
Use water from hose to mix concrete in wheelbarrow according to directions on the bag.
For an extra boost during the growing season, give plants a shot of water-soluble fertilizer, diluted according to directions.
Freeze in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer's directions.
Mix in a complete fertilizer according to package directions.
Sow seeds, and thin seedlings, following directions on packet.
Print a third set of directions from the second national park to the departure airport.
Wind directions are always reported as the direction winds are coming from.
The maps and detailed directions can be downloaded from the tourist council's website.
Most train lines go in two directions, uptown and downtown.
Click on any step of the trip directions to see a detailed map of the location mentioned.
But they usually come at things from different directions, and it's no wonder.
Health insurance companies are being demonized from all directions.
Pour in the amount of boiling water suggested by the directions on the package, covering the food.
It rests on a small column that turns slowly to show the jewel in four directions.
As with anything, the first thing you need to do when putting your application is to follow directions.
The two countries' education systems are headed in opposite directions, aiming at exactly what the other one is trying to give up.
Walking across the quad, in both directions, has been professionally and personally rewarding.
These seminars can give you clues to possible research directions and topics.
Either way, the mandate of such a course is to look around in many directions.
Others phoned for directions from the train station.
Any set of predictions depends on some mix of extrapolating from current trends and hypothesizing newer directions.
Talk to others about new directions developing in your field and find out about emerging leaders who might be attending.
It does not affect intelligence, and for some there are communication problems in both directions.
Each publication has its own set of directions for reviewers.
But it's also becoming clear that online media are pushing literacy into cool directions.
People delighted in tilting the planet in all directions and zooming down to their homes.
The stage directions are of importance, as illustrating the way in which these early dramas were produced.
Take each piece separately in hands and twist from ends in opposite directions, coil and bring ends together at top of cake.
At the news, the wedding party fled in all directions.
She borrowed them in various directions so energetically that she swallowed them all within two months.
Stent was giving directions in a clear, high-pitched voice.
For us the meaning of taboo branches off into two opposite directions.
The gliding movement consists in a limited shifting of the cricoid on the thyroid in different directions.
They entered a wood, and arrived at a spot whence alleys branched off in various directions.
They came upon the land, and the crowd fled in all directions.
Boil noodles in salted water according to package directions and drain.
There are no ingredient lists, and more noticeably, the directions are incredibly vague.
But as these chefs' experiences in this country show, gastro-culture shock works in both directions.
As you gaze at a, you soon notice circles spinning in opposite directions.
In these instances, the lightning flash originates at the airplane and extends away in opposite directions.
On this page, they indicate important items and they give directions.
These directions determine the organism's characteristics.
When the head is turned in certain directions, the particles shift, triggering nystagmus and thus the symptom of vertigo.
It goes outward in all directions until it hits the shock, and then it turns.
The hatchlings swam opposite directions in the two trials-both being the right ones, to stay on the migratory track.
Second, the light bulb gives light in all directions so you only see a small part of the whole.
The hexagonal symmetry is maintained, but the ice crystal may branch off in new directions.
It also blocked out competing noises from other directions.
Each mirror points in one of two directions at random: either toward a single light-sensitive pixel or away from it.
Notice how at the first time point both control and experimental groups have extreme values in opposite directions.
Additional studies will push astrophysicists' understanding of and search for middleweights in new directions.
The idea is for them to disperse sound in all directions at once, which means a spherical shape.
It comes from two directions: cognitive linguistics and natural language processing.
Deep and abiding distrust of politicians drove reform efforts in two contrasting directions.
The landscape is dry and bleak, with factories in all directions.
They were taking in medicines and weapons and bringing out the wounded, an underground railway working in both directions.
They are headed in opposite directions in favor of electrons.
If they give you directions, ask them to draw a map.
The anti-government theories stay the same, the political strategy shifts in odd and extreme directions.
The possibilities multiplied and ran off in a hundred directions.
Users can click on the pharmacy name to see a map of locations and get driving directions.
The problem with thinking of essays as letters is that correspondence goes in two directions.
From the top of the swell, smaller waves break off and roar down the face in all directions.
In the past few years, the hermetic seal has broken and is now leaking in all directions.
The brothers, divided by temperament, leaned in opposite directions.
Between them they provide four thresholds, or directions, to land.
He has a green t-shirt, low-rise jeans and eyes that dart in all directions.
It was a crazy quilt of multicolored blocks, with lines radiating in all directions.
He wanted us to feel free to push and pull the original story in new directions.
They tug in different directions, the one toward the past, the other toward the future.
Multiple people paced the room in multiple directions.
Rarely has an architect been pulled so completely in opposite directions.
Often your stories seem to pick up on news items and then carry them in new directions.
The driver asked for directions to a house they were renting with friends.
He was one of the first and best meteorologists, speculating correctly on the causes and directions of cyclones.
In one of her stage directions, she has her characters relaxing out on the gallery, enjoying the odor of the azaleas.
The curious thing is that this acceleration is not uniform in all directions.
Still images of the street at each turn are also embedded in the map and the written directions.
The three directions listed above differ from one another.
The design uses two antennas that focus their power in different directions.
The bacteria propel the machine in different directions.
First, atoms in a sample are exposed to a varying magnetic field that aligns them in different directions.
They found that the mechanical and electrical properties of the engineered tissue varied in different directions.
They reflect the startling range of the directions the human mind will take starting from the same spot on the ground.
They would never, as the law of probabilities would predict, exit the beam splitter in different directions.
Going forward, we'll see which directions are going to be important technically to the industry.
In such a design, heat spreads in all directions from a combustor at the center, facilitating the necessary reactions.
There is no preferred direction to space, in which the universe would look different than in the perpendicular directions.
For the realistic four-dimensional case, there would be three flat directions and one radial one.
In other directions the spacing is half the wavelength of red light, and the opal reflects red.
When an asteroid or comet impacts a planet, the explosion ejects huge amounts of material, sending it flying in all directions.
But the hummingbird, by flipping its wing before it flaps upwards, can create lift in both directions.
But the tube feet move about a lot, so they ought to pick up light from almost all directions.
Nature experiments with everything in all directions.
Hence the true scientist should always encourage inquiry in all directions.
Ocean ridges and undersea mountain chains pushed the waves together along certain directions from the tsunami's origin.
Additionally he alludes to future directions in the study of the genetic basis of intelligence using genomics.
Finally, let's look at two different queries going in different directions.
Her group has been developing mathematical models of how different ears filter different sounds coming from different directions.
She became a dinosaur buff, but as so often happens, with adulthood her interests drifted in other directions.
It would tell us if they are expanding evenly in all directions, for example, and maybe the density of the material around them.
In fact they seem to point all sorts of directions throughout the night.
When such light hits particles floating in cloudy water, it scatters in random directions.
The rest of my letters are shaky and stiff, my words slanted in all directions.
Since there are no directions, you don't really know where to click or why.
The two giants of the global economy appear to be heading in opposite directions.
The murderer and his relatives were hurled out of the tree in many different directions.
It is not the range of denotations that the language covers but the emotive and semantic directions of the hearer's empathy.
But his instincts kept signaling in both directions at once.
Its many would-be reformers are again pushing in opposite directions.
It is a forest of many avenues that reach in many directions.
Or he was a scrambling quarterback who, after a play is broken, must dodge linemen looming at him from all directions.
Partly the expansion was caused by people moving in new directions, outward from the looted areas where police were concentrated.
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