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Much of the argument turns on whether online writing should be seen as a welcome new direction or a harmful distraction.
The researchers concluded that cattle do generally align themselves in a north-south direction.
Direction is used to determine where things are in relation to other things.
The planets all revolve around the sun in the same direction and in virtually the same plane.
Throughout the experiments, though, the participants did not favor any one direction.
Since it was moving up, but slowing down it has to accelerate in the downward direction.
As a small and independent company, our employees have a direct impact on company direction and results.
Rats can locate the direction of a stench's source in a single sniff, new research shows.
Swells can propagate freely across the ocean independent of wind direction is referred to as the wave's period.
Both of these together make the torque larger in the direction that makes it roll to the left.
To be sure, immigrant advocates are also pushing in the other direction.
These crashes are eliminated with roundabouts because vehicles travel more slowly and in the same direction.
But by then the wind has shifted, sending the darker dust in a different direction as the frost.
The deception depends in part on social cues such as head position and gaze direction.
Windows were shattered for blocks in every direction.
Since this is in the same direction as the velocity, the speed increases.
Still, it is interesting to see the debate heading in this direction.
Brooms are used to help a sliding stone travel farther and in the right direction.
The tree should be able to move an inch in either direction.
However, you do need to know the direction of the torque for this example.
So the best bet is a series of more moderate options to nudge lenders in the right direction.
Lacking a skeleton, the animal can take any number of forms and can move its tentacles in any direction.
Position the door on the cabinet so that it will open in the right direction.
Ice needs to be low friction in the direction the skate moves and high friction perpendicular to the blade.
Medicines that can talk to doctors herald a new direction for drugs firms.
Make sure the direction-of-travel arrow is pointed the right way, otherwise you'll end up going in exactly the opposite direction.
Their wings work independently, so they can hover and change direction instantaneously.
From there, walk toward the ocean, or head in the opposite direction toward the river.
Change direction often to slip behind people rather than rushing to cut them off.
The flow of fluid was in the opposite direction to natural cilia-driven motion.
Using the speed and direction of the waves, they compiled an image of the crust under the volcano.
We locked hands and swam off in the direction of her castle, our movements synchronized as one.
Let me call the original direction of motion the x-direction.
The alignment of the liquid crystals in the array controls the direction in which light is reflected from them.
The earliest navigation methods involved observing landmarks or watching the direction of the sun and stars.
As a result, they orbit the planet in the direction that it spins.
As it rotates, it should disintegrate, shedding stars and gas in every direction.
To turn, you twist your torso and then simply point forward with one hand to walk in a direction.
The needle will slowly turn and point in the same direction, no mater how many times you point it in another direction.
Let us start by defining a direction in space: a direction exactly opposite the sun, called the antisolar point.
As the slider slides, the acceleration in the vertical direction is zero.
The dragon with the empty mouth would be located in the direction opposite from which the earthquake came.
The reptiles only travel when the current flows in the direction of their desired journey, the researchers report.
They say the telltale sign is a measure of co-movement, or the likelihood of stocks to move in the same direction.
Males were buried facing one direction, and females another direction.
Gravity works, persistently and even remorselessly, in a certain direction.
Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that discussion.
Today the nation is moving in the opposite direction.
The index is supposed to give a guide to the direction in which currencies should, in theory, head in the long run.
Subdivision streets often twirl back on themselves or dead-end, confounding even the best sense of direction.
To spell it out, start with one letter and move to an adjacent letter in any direction.
We recognize the opportunity it presents to have a say in the direction of the department.
Here are two items indicating the direction of curriculum in the coming years.
But they will not all travel in the same direction without a little persuasion.
The college had been moving in that direction for years.
But second is weather, and particularly wind direction.
If you see a virtual fly buzzing around, that fly will actually sound as though it's coming from the right direction.
At the direction of the governor, my university has announced plans to temporarily furlough employees later this fiscal year.
Life tries to push entropy in the opposite direction.
When released, the bees flew off in the direction indicated by the dance, the team found.
Most main roads have a single lane in each direction.
Depending on which direction the eyes roll, observers can tell what spirit has possessed him.
The site shows the channels that you can receive and the direction to point your antenna.
They both need information about career alternatives to help them decide whether to change direction or stay put.
The oscillation's direction is known as polarization.
Yet the latest figures are going in the wrong direction.
Lewis set off on foot with a small party in the direction of the south fork.
The meteorological towers would collect data on wind speed, intensity and direction.
There has been some movement of late in this direction.
Light consists of electromagnetic waves that oscillate perpendicular to the direction of the light's travel.
Cheetahs can change direction in midair when chasing prey.
Scientists can estimate the direction of the shower because they know where the comet originated in space.
All it can do is roll around on a tabletop, turn and head off in a specified direction.
Her two cubs waited and waited and kept looking in the direction they thought she would come.
When exposed to light, this simulated model became sensitive to the magnitude and direction of the weak magnetic field.
My skills do not lean in the direction of drawing, and never have.
Bill's business instincts steer his foundation's direction.
Lately, however, there are signs that public taste is morphing in his direction.
We may be asking the wrong people, if so please point us in the right direction.
As stated the other animals evolved in their own direction according to random mutation and natural selection.
We scan the horizon in that direction but see only whiteness.
Both the strength and direction of waves can be manipulated by the depth of the ocean bottom.
Magic is when the robot is looking at things and you reflexively want to look in the same direction as the robot.
Abas' change of direction also had a practical benefit: it won his release from custody.
Whichever direction the experiment went, there was a simple way to monitor the progress.
For example, the candidate leaves plenty of white space without going too far in the other direction and wasting space.
At the same time, the overall direction of mobility could change significantly.
The balance of power in such relationships always tips in the direction of the professor.
Visits now entailed six hours and a stopover in each direction, and the separation felt completely unfair.
Even as the nurses were pushing me in the direction of empathy, the solitude was pushing me in another direction altogether.
Every post, however, that is civil and takes the topic in a new direction drains the troll's power.
Or the questions can seem nit-picky or superficial, and the session can drift in a direction you think frustrating.
As beginning professors they are responsible for selecting their own topics and research direction.
The meeting would eventually devolve into a free-form discussion, devoid of structure or direction.
They probably don't want to devote space and resources if you are only there when the wind blows in the right direction.
One of the biggest stories in publishing right now is the promise and direction of eReaders.
Get off the train and follow the station signs to find the platform for the direction you need to take.
The circles on the red line point in the direction the warm air is moving.
These gusty winds can change direction quickly, sending flames racing into new areas.
The time it takes to travel a given distance along the river depends on the direction you are headed in.
But managers have a tougher time when markets aren't clearly headed in either direction.
In other words, the paint reflects more light if the paint truck is going the same direction as traffic.
Maybe there is some constant tap-acceleration in the direction the bird was moving.
If you push the charge in the opposite direction it will decrease.
Sit on the fold-out seat and you can glide easily in any direction by simply shifting your weight.
The green arrows represent the magnetic field and the purple-ish arrow shows the direction the magnetic field is changing.
The clever design allows the pilot to move the control lever which tilts the main rotor to control the direction of flight.
The fibers are aggregated into bundles, which are arranged chiefly in a longitudinal direction.
His taste was formed under the direction of his feelings.
The extent and variety of the movements are influenced by the shape and direction of the articular surfaces.
The same result is obtained for rays of light advancing in any other direction whatsoever.
It corresponds with the middle part of the collateral fissure, and its size depends on the depth and direction of this fissure.
The axons of the cells in the polymorphous layer may run in an ascending, a descending, or a horizontal direction.
Frequently the influence runs heavily in one direction.
The spinous process is short, and nearly horizontal in direction.
When seas change color, storms change direction, a new hurricane study suggests.
As they flee, two cars hurtle down a nearby dirt road in the opposite direction-straight at the tornado.
The insect darts from each swipe with uncanny precision, altering its course to zip off in nearly the opposite direction.
The researchers found that the microseisms' power increased with time, perhaps as storm winds intensified or changed direction.
Light travels in a straight line through empty space, but when it bumps into an object, it changes direction.
In every direction the dominant feature of the landscape, the element that binds everything together, is water.
Another farm or two can be seen along the road in one direction.
To change course, the squid points its funnel in a different direction.
In a range of two hours in any direction you have so much variation.
They are able to turn their feet backwards to run easily in either direction along branches or up and down trunks.
Fossilized feathers burst from the dinosaur's bones in every direction-and showed faint evidence of dark and light markings.
These maneuvers allowed engineers to change the craft's speed and direction without burning fuel.
Larger particles get deposited in fans that point in the direction of surface winds, while smaller pieces remain suspended above.
Tiny structures in the feathers choreograph incoming light, reflecting sapphire in one direction, emerald in another.
And the direction of the current indicated that the laser had imparted angular, but not linear, momentum to the electrons.
By measuring the brightness and orientation along several points on a contour, our algorithm estimates the light-source direction.
What is missing is recognition by politicians and big business that it is the right direction.
To an outside observer the radiation appears to pulse each time the beam points in the observer's direction.
Which narrowed the range of the group's responses and pointed them in the wrong direction.
Imagining the movement of their left or right hands caused the helicopter to rotate in either direction.
Scientists observed that the quasar is shooting out highly energetic particles and fast-moving gas in the direction of the galaxy.
Once it reached its destination, a sound burst from the opposite direction sent the electron back to its original location.
Then the electrons spontaneously start moving in one direction and forming pairs.
By changing the position of this funnel, a squid can propel itself in almost any direction.
The bill's proponents also want that audible alert to be one that will help people judge the direction and speed of the vehicle.
But often a swarm changes direction without warning.
The change in direction is welcome but will not work wonders quickly.
But awkwardly, there are clear signs in several democracies of sentiment moving in the other direction.
Along this arc, the value of alpha changes smoothly, being smaller in one direction and larger in the other.
But then the army began marching in the wrong direction, and its general shot himself in the foot.
Now that this bubble has burst, the cross-border monetary stimulus has changed direction.
Without new batteries and new gyroscopes it would lose both the power and the ability to point in the right direction.
Another test asked participants to work out the direction of specific sounds embedded within white noise.
She believes even more strongly than he in state planning and direction of the energy industry.
More than at any time, employees need-in fact, desperately want-unequivocal direction.
In addition, they were asked to rate their own sense of direction.
Push electrons through the wire in the opposite direction and the ions will return to their original home, recharging the battery.
And yet they are frequently defensive and troubled, harried by politicians and lacking a clear sense of purpose and direction.
But lately some kinds of technology have been moving in the other direction, too.
In addition, the combination of the two shocks has created uncertainty about the direction of monetary and regulatory policy.
The government seemed to offer a sense of direction in convulsive times.
Diffusion-tensor imaging measures the direction of movement of water molecules.
He now seems to be moving in the opposite direction.
Much depends on the wind, which could push the oil out towards the open sea-or in the other direction.
Such signs as there are, however, all point in the same direction.
For example, if one particle is spinning in one direction, its partner must spin in the opposite.
At the heart of this failure may be two other kinds of uncertainty about the future direction of government policy.
There is no stalemate: the campaign is heading steadily in the right direction.
And he has already ordered other controversial changes of direction in foreign policy.
Apparently a good mathematician but seems to be gifted in this direction only.
The best ones, he says, are nothing more than a step in the right direction.
In other words, he is trending in the wrong direction.
The muon preserves the direction of the original neutrino, thus pointing back to its cosmic source.
There was always something astonishing to look at in every direction your eyes went.
They do not specify any causation or make any claims about the direction of causality.
Seven houses down in the opposite direction another neighbor heard the noise and walked outside in her bathrobe to look around.
The sound begins with the basic rudiments of blues, and then goes off in some direction, usually clangorous.
Then take the other edge of shower curtain and cautiously pull it in opposite direction until it, too, adjoins the wall.
Suddenly, the father fires a gun in their direction.
Mostly, celebrity warps the criminal process, and not always in a predictable direction.
Change direction or speed again and the object will swing in the opposite direction.
Cows do not line up according to anything magnetic although while grazing a herd members do tend to head in the same direction.
Their origin is not understood, but they come from every direction in space, traveling at almost the speed of light.
In her first academic year, she seemed to be spinning without direction.
Other branches of the military are moving in the same direction.
And it's the direction that's to blame, too often leaden footed and predictable.
The two became disoriented and headed in the wrong direction.
Cultural values change through time but in what direction is not a given.
The thought that a culture will change in the direction one wishes is at best wishful thinking.
Net positive charge in one direction, net negative in the other.
The main reason the foreground looks off is that the lighting is coming from a different direction.
As you change direction or move away the direction and intensity change.
As the wind has shifted the plume has changed direction, covering vast swaths of land with volcanic ash.
When they rotate in the same direction, it scuttles sideways.
But my first impression is that the synthesis is going in the wrong direction.
It's funny to play with, but we're not going to go in that direction.
The defendant did not look once in their direction during the entire time the litany of his alleged crimes was being read.
We can see the authoritarian, nearly totalitarian direction of his policies.
The sensibility itself is created, or given direction, by an intellectual atmosphere.
Some countries are moving toward market reform and others in the opposite direction.
In this respect the macroeconomics of the past thirty years has gone in the wrong direction.
Indeed, it has already been taking steps in that direction.
Kahlo's insight was to see that she could take this folk art form in any direction.
But one has to add to this that there were migrations in the opposite direction as well.
What is worthwhile is to try to orient it in a hopeful direction, for it could take place in two diametrically opposed ways.
The antenna, which receives and transmits light in one direction, is a few hundred nanometers in size.
The large facility is meant to reflect a change of direction for the bankrupt company.
It seems to me research into solar cells whose primary materials are derived from hydrocarbons is a step in the wrong direction.
They say it's relatively straightforward to nudge a small asteroid in our direction.
One advantage of this adhesive over others is that its strength is strongly direction dependent.
It wd also know in which direction it is heading since the number wd keep shifting as the cell-phone transfers.
Applying a current in one direction splits the compound, and the two metals are deposited onto opposite electrodes.
The direction of light through this material is different.
On the other side of the membrane is a compartment with fluid flowing in the opposite direction.
But the incentive is more or less exclusively in the direction of quality.
Using gyroscopes and accelerometers, the controller orients itself to the magnetic north, and senses the direction it is pointing.
With some simple math, one can predict how big is the next step, but not the direction.
Therefore, the experts who are more likely to steer us in the right direction are the ones who acknowledge that.
Every time you think you know its direction, it changes.
What you learn helps with decisions regarding future direction.
If you're headed in the wrong direction, it doesn't help to keep going.
He went to college lost, angry and looking for direction.
Worse, advocates say, is when mistakes are made in the opposite direction.
It can give you that jump-start, boost clarity, and clear your body toward shifting things in a positive direction.
Turning your wheels in the direction of the skid allows the wheels to start rolling in the direction of motion again.

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