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Add a complete fertilizer in the amount directed on the label.
The empress dowager probably directed the photographer, not the other way around.
By having their eyes directed to the right place, their brains were able to gather the information they needed.
Demonstrations there have been relatively orderly, directed mainly at the country's parliamentary government.
Even this the best scene here, is furiously ill-directed, with cutting that really hampers the rhythm of the music.
Its base is directed toward the rectum, and connected to the central tendinous point of the perineum.
Both were directed at crushing the ultimate qualities of kindness and individuality.
Drugs directed at precise molecular targets are helping cancer patients live longer.
But the surge in state-directed investment has fuelled fears about its quality.
Some victims are angry, but their resentment is directed at local officials rather than the central authorities.
All teachers should be directed to teach the same lessons from the same textbooks.
The other directed the participant's attention to the corpse.
Behind a smoother-looking balance sheet, wasteful, politically directed lending to dud state-owned enterprises continued.
Once inside the hospital, the avatars will be directed to a waiting room.
Both the acceleration and the subsequent clampdown were directed from the centre.
Rather, they have produced the first widespread legislative and diplomatic efforts directed at containing scientific advance.
Resentment of inequality tends to be directed mainly at one's neighbours.
But a lot depends on how well that investment is directed.
Questions can be directed at a specific candidate or all candidates.
The other is voluntary, personally directed and philanthropically motivated.
Variable annuities are self-directed retirement accounts offered by insurance companies.
Additionally, there are many self-directed measures public universities can take to improve their financial situation.
Immigration restrictions also raise anxiety in universities when they're directed at foreign researchers.
Often the questions are evenly directed among the panelists.
Look at all the discrimination directed against us, they howl.
No-one likes to do this, because everyone wants to do new and exciting research, and funding is directed towards doing new work.
Many, many history majors are not being directed appropriately.
Instead the focus on literacy and numeracy is gradually squeezing opportunity for student directed learning out of the curriculum.
It was the well-entrenched and subsidized fossil fuel industry that directed our energy policy and still does.
In warm-climate-adapted populations, inhalations are not directed toward the narrow upper part of the nasal cavity for warming.
Imitations may even be directed to specific intended receivers.
When the target smartphone scanned the tag, the browser was directed to the spoofed site and fed malware.
To produce white, the electron beam is directed at the phosphors.
Sound-even at frequencies humans can't hear-is directed at the water.
His solution was to create a pseudo-espresso of sorts by adding significantly less hot water to the pouch than was directed.
There is no doubt that military research of mind and brain sciences must be directed by these goals.
It's a knife and it's directed to their ignorant throats.
Unhappy males tend to physically respond with violent attacks directed against perceived antagonists.
On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago, all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil-war.
Down the street, police in yellow vests directed traffic.
Our efforts are directed toward the attainment of more limited hopes.
But once he bifurcated, his anger was directed at other essayists, the people you're calling pundits.
In theory, firepower is to be directed only at military strategic targets.
They paid dues, rode their horses in parades, and directed traffic at the rodeo where my sister first laid eyes on her cowboy.
Subjects are directed to the room but are given no instructions except to wait for the experimenter.
X-rays are directed at the crystal, which scatters the rays.
The money that still goes to the solar industry is now directed to companies with small capital requirements.
Now, let's talk about the other thing coming down the pipe true synthetic evolution directed by computer simulation.
Then the oil will be directed and sucked into ships until they get a clue as to what they are doing.
Except directed euphemistically, its validity holds true not later than a century ago.
These new efforts are directed instead at the ultimate end users, the villagers.
As a whole, the actors are so poorly directed that their performances amount to a form of camp.
It maintains a constantly updated picture of the entire network so that messages can be directed along the fastest routes.
If so, that's where our opprobrium should be directed.
Maybe the next step in evolution is directed communication between individuals without the need of an external apparatus.
We were directed to a large, desolate room filled with metal folding chairs and card tables stacked against the walls.
Directed energy beams do not burn flesh, but they do create an unbearably painful burning sensation.
He brought a tortured authenticity to many of his acting roles, an almost surreal intensity to the films he directed.
Definition of directed graph, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
The outpouring of anger wasn't directed against any one particular party or political philosophy, but against the status quo.

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