direct evidence in a sentence

Example sentences for direct evidence

Archaeologists have found little direct evidence of confrontation between the two peoples.
There is, moreover, direct evidence that infections and parasites affect cognition.
And traces of fire are easily wiped out, so the lack of direct evidence for them is no surprise.
Researchers have uncovered the oldest direct evidence of spiderwebs.
There is no direct evidence that there is such a thing as an expanding spacetime continuum in which matter is embedded.
But colliders have failed to turn up direct evidence of the super particles predicted by the theory.
Please point out the specific statements in the article that you have actual direct evidence to disprove.
Perhaps this is why dark matter and dark energy are commonly presumed to exist despite there being no direct evidence for it.
But there is no direct evidence that warming is destructive.
To our knowledge this is the first direct evidence that nicotine modulates allergic responses.
There is direct evidence that galaxies are creatively regenerating their own stellar populations.
There are also numerous historical items that lack direct evidence, but are known from other sources.
There is no direct evidence, of course, that early hominids had any language at all.
It would be direct evidence of planets orbiting other stars at great distances.
The doctor's report would be far more direct evidence than the relaying of that doctor's report.
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