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And no concern has been expressed for getting some direct action to stall the microbes in some way to slow emissions.
The attorneys general can take direct action against the problem.
And yes, in the form of consciousness-raising and of direct action.
The bartender is annoyed but takes no direct action.
There were the mindless and the meddlesome as well as those who turned to direct action or clandestine activity.
To many of the students, such conduct left no alternative but direct action.
Anarchists promote direct action over mediated or symbolic forms of resistance.
Yes, some units once engaged in armed coercion have de-emphasized taking direct action against insurgent bombers.
Being the target of rubber bullets and stun grenades is not supposed to be a part of direct action.
Direct action, such as digging up pitches, led to clashes with the police.
They make the point that since several decades spent praying for peace have not worked, the time has come to take direct action.
He advocated direct action, but found few actors to join him.
The shedding of clothes as a means of direct action has some history.
They are also adept at direct action, sometimes even blocking the streets by dumping tons of produce or manure.
Direct action is not the sole preserve of truckers, farmers and taxi drivers.
The government, under electoral pressure, wants more direct action.
Oh no, they are too moderate and philanthropic for such direct action.
In housing, the complainant maintains the right to seek individual relief on a direct action in district court.

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