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The new faculty member will teach introductory chemistry and upper level inorganic chemistry and will direct student research.
Permanent hands-on display offers an innovative look at the direct mail industry.
Finding the right place to shoot, out of the direct sunlight, really helps her face look as beautiful as it is.
Once you have purchased a pesticide, mix it exactly as the instructions direct.
Its intricate system of self-rule by an active citizenry remains an archetype of the direct or participatory sort.
But the encouraging signals that these moves send matter even more than their direct effects.
The advantage of such a spray is that you don't have to necessarily direct it on to offenders face.
Its system of democracy ensures that people have a direct say in the country's affairs.
We ask that a set of instructions be drawn up for the citizens to direct their movements.
Describe your relevant achievements and goals in a direct and confident manner.
Direct marketing, focused on individual customers, has become a potent way to sell.
Corrugated tin roofs work best, but any surface works as long as it receives direct sunlight.
Normally a computer's power supply converts alternating current to clean direct current.
Rooftop gardens require particularly unfussy plants since they get direct sunlight and sporadic water.
Direct injection gives you better power and better fuel economy at the same time.
Most farm support falls into one of two categories: price-related subsidies and direct payments to farmers.
Direct development is a key adaptation that allows the frog to reproduce in regions without bodies of water nearby.
What you choose to put on your plate has a direct impact on the environment, especially in terms of global warming.
People further from the technology, but with less of a direct interest in its success, think prices will be higher.
Two of the new fossils suggest a direct link to bony fish: tooth-bearing jawbones.
Filled pauses direct toddlers' attention to new words.
Those that prefer bright light do well in dappled sunlight but not direct sun.
The reason that this form of solar power is preferred over direct conversion is, of course, energy storage.
In other words, it's the region that has direct interactions with the sun's atmosphere.
The researchers employed a cow with a surgically placed tube, called a fistula, which allowed them direct access to the rumen.
Will take direct coastal conditions and coastal winds.
Most human cases have occurred from direct or close contact with infected poultry or contaminated surfaces.
In the desert, grow plants in filtered light, out of direct afternoon sun.
Major airlines are offering more direct flights and tour operators and hotels are slashing rates.
The mechanisms of direct basic fear learning seem to be conserved across species.
Houseplants require indirect light in summer, several hours of direct sun in winter more add to my plant list enlarge.
The state's new requirements add nothing to what a trained attorney would not already ask an eyewitness on direct or cross.
To grow these plants successfully, you'll need to hold direct sun to a minimum and keep humidity high.
Shop direct at the source, visiting craftspeople in their studios.
The hairs on our head also help to combat overheating, by shielding our big brain from direct sun.
All are good container plants if grown out of direct sun.
Keep up with our explorers' projects and latest discoveries, reported direct from the field.
Anyone can invent a theory if they do not have to provide direct evidence of its reality.
But this was immediately after it had been primed to bloom by baking in unrelenting direct sun in the parking lot of a box store.
But few of the fossils have provided direct evidence of the evolutionary changes that led to flight.
Houseplants require indirect light in summer, several hours of direct sun in winter add to my plant list.
Different colors and patterns mean different things-similar to how the colors of a traffic light direct drivers.
If you're fortunate, the wind will direct them to fall harmlessly across your lawn.
Such signals could warn other elephants of predators, help a lonely elephant find a mate, or direct them towards food and water.
These models serve as teaching tools, allowing students to examine replicas of fossils too rare and fragile for direct contact.
The team has also looked for direct evidence of glycine but has seen none of its telltale chemistry.
Astronomers have tracked the movement of a pulsar, making the first direct measurement of its impressive speed.
In cold-winter regions, set out transplants in early spring, or direct sow seeds in late summer for harvest the following year.
The fountain also helps direct visitors to the house's entry.
Colored leaf varieties need a half day of direct sun for best color but can burn in afternoon sun in hot-summer areas.
For longest life, display the arrangement out of direct sun.
Adjust irrigation systems so sprayers or sprinkler heads don't direct water onto pavement.
Sweet ears take a direct route from the field to his door.
Don't use your thumb to direct water from a bare hose end.
To make more plants, break off a one- to three-segment piece and set it in a warm place out of direct sunlight to callus.
Keep the containers out of direct sunlight for a few days to let the transplants recover from the move.
Thanks to whoever can help answer my question or direct me to useful sources.
And direct other countries to more sustainable plant based diets which will in turn feed that many more people.
My work is not so much a direct commentary as it is an open-ended observation of the absurdities around us.
Researchers have uncovered the oldest direct evidence of spiderwebs.
Engage in research, direct theses, and make professional presentations.
To encourage co-operation he has pooled the accounts of the agency's biggest divisions, advertising and direct marketing.
Many solar cookers use reflectors to direct sunlight into the heating chamber.
Return unused product to original package and store in a dark place away from high temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight.
Direct response, book and computer software publishers are eligible for a discount.
The other two thirds of risk was attributable to direct biological wear and tear from living constantly in fight-or-flight mode.
No wonder individuals with autism find direct social interaction frightening.
Mirages are a direct result of photons taking the path of minimum time in vertical temperature gradients.
People can catch the disease from direct contact with infected animals or humans.
To perform well, these sun lovers usually require six to eight hours of direct sun per day.
Once the vine has reached the roof, direct its growth horizontally, tying it in place.
Keep some leaves on the sunny south side of the clusters, however, to shade the fruit from intense direct sun.
But legal sanction is a better remedy for small-town corruption than direct democracy.
The usual way to do this would be to use a rectifier-a device that converts alternating to direct current.
The location of these craters means that parts of their floors never see direct sunlight.
People, more than any other primate, depend on their fellow humans to figure out where to direct their attention.
The presidency is the highest executive office, with direct legislative powers and authority to appoint the cabinet.
However, this rate has little direct impact on the economy, since neither firms nor households pay it.
Solar photovoltaic panels produce direct-current electricity.
Direct students to act out the poem as you read it aloud.
Subtle hints didn't seem to make an impression, so these hints have evolved over time into something akin to direct orders.
Aid agencies relied on text messages from cellphones and crowd-sourced maps to direct rescue workers.
First and foremost, students are the direct consumers and beneficiaries of studying abroad.
In preparation for flight, these aerial acrobats expose their wings to direct sunlight, which rapidly warms their flight muscles.
Suspicion comes from accusations by third parties, never from direct observation.
The neurotransmitter estrogen docks directly to the outer membrane of neurons, initiating direct communication among the cells.
Fatalities can result via direct toxicity or via excess immune response to the toxin release.
Here in the houseless wild, to direct the traveller's journey.
Most of them have a direct unsophisticated note, and some show traces of rude power.
The business of a retail bookseller was carried on mainly by direct transactions in his shop.
But it has a fund of good sense and direct obvious meaning which compensates for the want of more showy qualities.
The latter sentence is less direct, less bold, and less concise.
But where no abstract idea governs her she can be direct, accurate, and convincing.
The lawyer can direct the matter as he will when it does not lie before his own door.
In fact, to confine oneself to them has proved a direct way to misunderstand him.
While the two had no direct relation, it's impossible to see the two facts as entirely unconnected.
It could even direct you away from roads where pollution levels are high, then wrap things up by finding you parking space.
Here, his cooking is less fussy, more direct and earthy.
The plan is to license the cakes to retail grocers, later to bakers, but for now you can order direct from the maker.
Scientists use light to direct gene expression in mice.
There are, however, a couple of big problems in turning this direct-synthesis theory into chemical reality.
The module on the left converts high-voltage alternating current from the grid to direct current.
However, many researchers have found it difficult to direct every stem cell in a culture to form a specific type of cell.
But these polymers require direct triggering by light or direct heat.
Direct calls would be cheaper, though the study did not say by how much.
By tweaking this code, researchers are able to direct how strands will combine when added to a solution.
Most electric cars have used direct-current electric motors that rely on permanent magnets.
At room temperature, the resulting bond is three times stronger than a direct bond between copper and silica.
These simple considerations direct to a conclusion of a tremendous consumption of natural gas.
Conventional methods for controlling external bleeding include applying direct pressure.
The curious thing about that is in some ways they're direct opposites.
With a photograph, you have an idea in your mind and you have to direct people to that end.
It's a model for the romantic comedy she longs to write and direct one day.
He thought maybe he would direct and produce someday.
We should recognize our direct interest in this matter.
There were the mindless and the meddlesome as well as those who turned to direct action or clandestine activity.

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