diplomatically in a sentence

Example sentences for diplomatically

Look for a way to diplomatically establish division of labor between you and your lazy colleague.
Whatever can be achieved diplomatically or economically is better.
Then, work out the problems diplomatically in the offseason.
He takes over a country that is diplomatically isolated, economically battered and socially and politically polarised.
Nor has she ever been obnoxiously offensive either diplomatically or morally.
Even though the damage may be done, you can gain an advantage by diplomatically handling the aftermath.
Diplomatically, no one country was declared the winner.
Knowledge of communicative techniques to effectively and diplomatically interact with internal and external customers.
Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically, both orally and in writing.
The threat of atomic weapons, however, may have been used diplomatically to end the fighting.
But it also means that we've got to engage diplomatically.
Steve was kind enough to put that a little more diplomatically.
Communicate effectively and diplomatically with elected officials, the public, and staff.
Ability to communicate tactfully and diplomatically with adults and to maintain order and good discipline among children.
We will continue to work diplomatically on this matter and will continue our discussions with all the parties involved.
We are working diplomatically to make sure that does not happen.
Proven ability to multi task and interact with a wide range of internal and external audiences diplomatically.
We think it's important diplomatically and practically.
Ability to work tactfully, collaboratively, and diplomatically with others.
We are taking several steps diplomatically to counter missile proliferation and address missile programs of concern.
Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically with diverse people and organizations regarding regional subsistence issues.
Supporting their work, politically and diplomatically.
These days my barber asks, usually quite diplomatically, if he should trim and perhaps even part those nasal and auditory hairs.
It may no longer be as dominant, economically or diplomatically, as it once was.
Diplomatically, they're bedfellows that rarely get together on anything.
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