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In this volume, Nickles examines three cases from diplomatic history.
Later in the 20th century, Bermuda hosted many diplomatic conferences between world leaders.
This experience only strengthened his desire to pursue a diplomatic career.
Ability to cultivate relationships; must be self-motivated with sound judgment and keen diplomatic skills.
Be proud you were able to be so diplomatic and let it go.
Colleagues know you to be diplomatic, supportive and results-focused.
Admittedly, if the arms race did become conspicuously reinvigorated, this might disturb diplomatic relations.
Holman understands why he lost his job and is very diplomatic about it.
He does a lot of work for the diplomatic corps.
But the broader diplomatic outlook is now more complicated than ever.
As this story goes to press, despite diplomatic efforts, the two journalists are still being held for ransom.
But they do require some demonstrated background in military or diplomatic history.
Political correctness prevented any corrective action until major scandals and diplomatic problems emerged.
Sort of thing you would say to a friend but avoid in a context in which you felt constrained to be diplomatic.
The treaty, which bans nuclear explosions of all kinds, lives in a complicated diplomatic and legal limbo.
Be prepared to be diplomatic about this and take some hits.
Which is oh so diplomatic a combination of causes to crusade on together these days, let me tell you.
But the diplomatic furor that resulted has been all kabuki.
It is at once a comprehensive military and diplomatic account, and a vast picaresque.
Sometimes the diplomatic dance requires real dancing.
In the meantime, all this diplomatic activity is bearing some fruit.
The country is gently being released from the diplomatic deep-freeze.
It is driven by an interlocking machinery of official meetings, consultations and diplomatic secondments.
But diplomatic exchanges between the two countries are more finely balanced.
It is the unquestioned diplomatic and economic heavyweight of its region.
We cannot, of course, be sure that diplomatic talks and contact would have been more successful.
They can go abroad, serve on diplomatic missions, be invited to diplomatic receptions.
Citizens with capitulations had a personal status comparable to diplomatic immunity today.
She dreamed of serving her country and joined the diplomatic corps.
If you must double-check details or if someone is a stickler, be diplomatic.

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