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The politician, diplomat and publisher was also a first-grade scientist.
Aside from the odd diplomat or journalist, few need a bag carried.
Hay had not only the manners of a gentleman, but also the special carriage of a diplomat.
Near the railway station, another call seals the fate of a diplomat.
And then there's also being a little bit of a diplomat.
Lewis, a career diplomat, believed that nations generally do want peace.
One diplomat cautions against being overly cynical, however.
One western diplomat says they occupied the local radio station, but abandoned it after the authorities cut off the power.
His life as a diplomat, an exile, and sometimes a fugitive was not an easy one.
NJ restaurateur moonlights as unofficial diplomat.
He said his father was a diplomat, but his parents never visited, never phoned.
The diplomat presents a tax exemption card bearing an eagle symbol.
Its imposing formality is especially suited for public portraits, and here the subject wears a diplomat's robes.

Famous quotes containing the word diplomat

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