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International politics and diplomacy has brought to where we are today.
She was referring to preparations for her daughter's big day, not high-stakes diplomacy.
Human nature is not perfect and diplomacy seeks to address these issues.
Thus, whatever the theory, the action of diplomacy had to be the same.
This is a major departure from our previous ways of conducting public diplomacy.
Standard Arabic is the written language of schools, diplomacy, banking and news.
The report could also fuel debate about how much time is left for diplomacy to succeed.
Yes, diplomacy is required.
This requires some originality, genius, diplomacy and maybe even charm.
Cultural diplomacy died down after the cold war ended.
If empathy is truly less common in people it must have impact with regards to diplomacy and future relations with other countries.
After all, wars have ended those to evils on a wide scale where diplomacy failed.
Placed there by supposedly educated leaders when diplomacy has failed or the economic well being of said leaders is threatened.
Deans often could benefit from lessons in diplomacy.
Our diplomacy should seek nothing more and accept nothing less than is due us.
Our diplomacy should be direct and frank, neither seeking to obtain more nor accepting less than is our due.
Building an evolutionary tree of a deadly outbreak takes more than data: it can take a lot of diplomacy, too.
For example, art and diplomacy was essentially non-existent before this era.
However, a first contact situation is much more akin to a work of social science or diplomacy than to discrete science.
The only conclusive way to disprove a digitally-created claim of anything is diplomacy.
The attendees came mainly from the worlds of art and diplomacy.
Diplomacy among pugilists is an art of provoking-not preventing-epic battles.
It takes a considerable amount of diplomacy and care to get it right.
With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy.
Inside, long communal tables are ideally suited for diplomacy.
No amount of personal diplomacy or bad acting would likely change that.
There was no shortage either of debate on the diplomacy leading up to the war or of speculation about its sequel.
It's not the diplomacy-minded former president who is ready to spy, it's the secretive nuclear submarine named for him.
The intervention would buy time for diplomacy to work.
He preferred to fight battles with his fists rather than with words or diplomacy, though knew how to use both when needed.
The researchers occasionally refer to the project as environmental diplomacy.
Making group portraits takes imagination, patience, and diplomacy.
Recovery will also require delicate diplomacy involving governments, aid and relief groups, and the people of the marshes.
Few observers expect diplomacy to restore equal serenity to his homeland.
He is much more suited to the gentle art of diplomacy and fellowship.
The first thing that strikes one about no-first-use is that it belongs to the declaratory school of diplomacy.
The bazaar diplomacy of the past ten years has clearly been counterproductive.
The answer is through a combination of political expediency, inept tactics and fumbled diplomacy.
In this new reality, old-fashioned state-to-state diplomacy cannot get things done.
The awkward squad tends to despise conventional diplomacy and public relations, and is therefore bad at them.
But no matter: the headline was enough to pull the rug from under the diplomacy.
There are excellent reasons to pursue public diplomacy, but countering terrorism is not one of them.
To prevent future abuses, it promotes early warning and preventive diplomacy.

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