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Example sentences for diploma

If transcripts do not show degree award date, please include a copy of the diploma.
Instead, he is sitting at home with a diploma that is.
Some students will first have to spend two years working on a master's degree or diploma.
Don't forget the first diploma handed out was given by someone without one.
People are required to have a high school diploma to be a janitor.
It used to be that a high school diploma was the tool to weed out people, now it is a college education.
It's long since been reduced to what a high school diploma used to be.
In this regard, while advanced education may be expensive, it is still vastly better than having only a high school diploma.
Maybe a job depends on the writing, a promotion, or a diploma.
Perry has the highest number of people with a high school diploma or less, a bunch of minimum wage jobs.
Students alternate semesters in the college and the workplace, taking structured training for credit toward a diploma or degree.
Most were unemployed and had a high school diploma or less.
And they have varying levels of education, some with degrees and others with barely a high school diploma.
Dang my lack of experience, skills and high school diploma.
Education in general also convinces people that they can't do anything without a diploma or degree.
The question is whether, in the present, it has declined in value compared to having only a high school diploma.
Their income is twice as high as those who don't have a high school diploma.
Of course, the education race doesn't end with a high school diploma.
His negative learning curve study was done by a guy with a sociology diploma.
If understanding of scientific method is not demonstrated on several levels, no diploma.
He got a diploma that qualified him as a computer technician.
One result is that many college graduates now hold jobs that once required only a high school diploma.
We power the diploma factory on the treadmills in the gym.
Public universities offer three postgraduate degrees: the higher diploma, master's, and doctorate.
After that, a high school diploma is a small matter.

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