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Though the restaurant's large, ultra-modern dining room needs a crowd to get it going, the food is delicious.
Well surprise, the waves are lapping at the dining room door and their gourmet food looks a bit soggy.
My parents had a built-in bookcase that covered one end of the dining room.
It has its own art department of about two dozen that create tables, chairs and decorations for the dining room.
We sat in his small, dark dining room, a plate of jam-filled ginger cookies on the starched white tablecloth between us.
The plain wooden tables in the cavernous, heavy-beamed main dining room were filled with connoisseurs of the house specialty.
We double back to the hotel, where dinner in the intimate, candlelit dining room nicely ends this travel day.
Their sideboard's built right into the house and goes all the way across one end of the dining room.
Having to use the dining room table as a workbench doesn't help.
The lunch plates were cleared long ago, and the waitress gazes vacantly out over an otherwise empty dining room.
Since then it's been happily sweeping my living room and dining room every week or so.
Kilt-clad owner, single malts around log fire, family silver in dining room.
The next morning, hikers breakfast on fresh rolls and oatmeal with raisins and dried apricots in the dining room.
We found him in an armchair in the small dining room.
If he did so, he would have turned left and gone to the dining room.
And my father, who used to build furniture, has built a bookcase in their dining room that is a sort of shrine to my fiction.
Tranquil, soul-satisfying apathy settled over the dining room.
He nestles in a large, silver serving platter in the dining room of his comfortably furnished restaurant.
She worked in the dining room, at a small table that held a manual typewriter.
Down the middle of the dining room is a long communal dining table with a huge vase of slightly older flowers in the middle.
Tables are smaller than in the main dining room, mostly two and four seats.
The dining room is a perfect blend of rustic and modern, understated elegant.
It is shown below in a tasteful holiday setting in our dining room.
And restaurants suddenly faced with a critic in the dining room can't change the menu instantly.
The balcony was barely large enough to hold two chairs from the dining room.
But the dining room in your old house has its original walnut panels.
Cigar smoke from that bar seeped into the dining room one evening, as did echoes of the ballgame on the overhead television.
Succulent panels line the walls, and inside you'll find a formal dining room.
In the dining room, a built-in wine cabinet and counter doubles as a buffet.
The dining room walls inspire lively, rowdy meals with good conversation.
The dining room, furnished with oversize chairs and small tables, is open to the outdoors in summer months.
Both a formal dining room and informal lounge are available.
These pooled tips go to dining room staff and cabin stewards.
The casual bar and grill has a lakefront dining patio, an indoor waterfront dining room and a full-service bar area.
Aquariums line the wood-paneled walls in the dining room, providing a homey feel for diners.
There is a casual dining room upstairs and on the patio and a more formal dining room downstairs.
The lodge has a dining room, a game area, a tackle shop and an exercise room.
The inn has a large gathering room with a big-screen television, a dining room, a fully-equipped kitchen and an outdoor hot tub.
Traditional settings allow diners to eat on small floor cushions in a simply decorated dining room.
Morales holds her place card at the dining room table.
The hotel offers guests a complimentary breakfast and has both a dining room and pub to accommodate the dining needs of visitors.
Plan to come between meal rushes or to make a reservation, as tables go fast and the interior dining room is small.
The hotel's marble-floored dining room is open for both breakfast and dinner.
Watch how pizzas are made at the bar or eat your meal at one of the comfortable dining room booths.
Breakfast is included in the price of accommodation and served in the brightly decorated dining room each morning.
The upscale restaurant's dining room has exposed brick walls, wood furnishings and ambient lighting.
In the quiet, convivial dining room, customers ooh and aah with the arrival of the picture-perfect plates.
The dining room was greenish under florescent light, empty but for two tables, one of those empty but for spent pitchers of wine.
Family dinner was eaten upstairs in the dining room around a big oval table, accompanied by plenty of conversation.
Today, if you want such luxuries as high ceilings and a dining room, an old building is pretty much the only place to find them.
You're better off in the dining room, where a friendly hostess doesn't flinch at seating an incomplete party.
The dining room was crowded with boxes, but she was not prepared for the kitchen.
The reporter had lunch in the staff dining room where they were joined by other members of the staff.
He was drawing himself and his father at, the dining room table.
With white satin pageant sashes, they stood at the edge of the dining room, more tentative than triumphant.
The jockey came into the dining room, stepped to one side and stood motionless with his back to the wall.
Waiters in crisp white jackets kept the bellinis flowing as the guests made their way into the dining room.
The yacht has a formal dining room, a master suite, and four guest cabins.
Then they moved to the dining room, where dinner was served.
There was a long hallway between the living room and dining room where the heads of big-game animals lined the walls.
On the other side are a small paneled sitting room and a large dining room.
Every night that he is home, he eats with his family in the upstairs dining room.
Gold is a striking color and looks rich and elegant on a dining room and master bedroom ceiling.
But beyond the dining room and through a winding hallway, a back room opened up to reveal a giant metal cage.
When designing lighting for the dining room, consider how you use the space.
Manage the service of members and guests in the dining room.
Supervise dining room staff and maintain order and cleanliness.
The family dining room, part of the governor's private quarters, boasts a brilliant view of a secluded brick-walled garden.
Free coffee and ice are available in the dining room of each building.

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