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Singaporeans moan that besides shopping, dining and the movies, there's not a lot you can do here.
We've all been told to be cautionary against dining out at fast food.
But as they feed at depths of hundreds of metres, their actual dining habits were difficult to discover.
They are decidedly low-energy experiments, usually conducted on lab benches the size of dining-room tables.
Instead, he found himself dealing with gripes about the kinds of burgers served in the dining halls.
And this is in addition to fine wining and dining offered in fancy museum cafes and restaurants.
He bunks in the dormitories at the beginning of each academic year, and regularly eats with students in the dining halls.
Dining alone on the road always comes with a series of choices, even after you've settled on a restaurant.
Outdoor patio dining and indoor dining are available.
Hotel, one of the city's oldest establishments, offers resort-style accommodation and a wealth of dining options.
The dining hall features floor-to-ceiling windows and provides flexible reception and banquet space.
Yet people all over the world have been dining on insects for centuries.
At night the lodge becomes a dining hall and social club where staff and guests jam on acoustic guitars and banjos.
Cuisine and dining traditions are emblematic of local culture.
Kilt-clad owner, single malts around log fire, family silver in dining room.
With its reputation as a scavenger, which includes dining from piles of garbage, some fear disease from eating crow.
But people all over the world have been dining on insects for centuries.
They were limited to dining on plants, insects, and perhaps small vertebrates.
Students can exchange the washable containers for clean ones each time they go to the dining hall.
Checking into a hotel or dining out often means meeting a local family.
In come the foreign films and the dining-room dramas.
For diners, trucks offer cheap, often innovative dining.
So strict had been his parents that he had had to wear long white gloves while dining with them.
The people who have done well out of the trend towards casual dining have been the craft potters.
He was arrested, but found out while dining with a public prosecutor that his case had been dropped.
Though the restaurant's large, ultra-modern dining room needs a crowd to get it going, the food is delicious.
Also, prostate tumours grow more slowly in mice dining on low-fat foods than in those gorging on lipids.
In their view, its refusal to shed light on its decisions suggests a smug contempt for the dining public.
Higher costs and decaying infrastructure don't really offset the joy of our dining scene and multiculturalism.
It's also difficult to combine dining with a pub excursion given the tight opening hours.
Having to use the dining room table as a workbench doesn't help.
The lunch plates were cleared long ago, and the waitress gazes vacantly out over an otherwise empty dining room.
Since then it's been happily sweeping my living room and dining room every week or so.
Their sideboard's built right into the house and goes all the way across one end of the dining room.
No visitor succeeds in leaving the building to-day without seeing a great shield which hangs on the wall of the dining hall.
They were in evening dress, had been dining somewhere, and were going on to a music-hall.
Now in his house every bedchamber is a brothel, and every dining-room a cookshop.
The same demographics that produced a long-term restaurant revolution and shaped today's dining-out habits haven't changed.
The dining-room table was set with roses and silver candlesticks.
And my father, who used to build furniture, has built a bookcase in their dining room that is a sort of shrine to my fiction.
Tranquil, soul-satisfying apathy settled over the dining room.
The writing was on the wall was for the end of fine dining.
Down the middle of the dining room is a long communal dining table with a huge vase of slightly older flowers in the middle.
He nestles in a large, silver serving platter in the dining room of his comfortably furnished restaurant.
She worked in the dining room, at a small table that held a manual typewriter.
The dining table stood on a platform with a canopy overhead, giving the effect of an indoor gazebo.
At the family dining table it serves as a reminder of the unity of the family.
It is shown below in a tasteful holiday setting in our dining room.
Now it's a courtyard for summer dining and entertaining.
Then they divided the space inside into two seating areas and a dining area.
And dense crystalline material formed by melting-basic igneous rock-offers little housing or dining.
Only later, in other words, could they start the shift from chasing individual fish to dining on clouds of prey.
The hotel serving the questionable lasagna used to be a favorite dining haunt for the local police squad.
The top of a dining table, as an example, is approximately continuous at the scale of the people who use it.
We found him in an armchair in the small dining room.
If he did so, he would have turned left and gone to the dining room.
The one exception was the dining-room set, which my parents bought shortly after they were married.
There are certain dining trends in this city that will not die.
You're better off in the dining room, where a friendly hostess doesn't flinch at seating an incomplete party.
The dining room was crowded with boxes, but she was not prepared for the kitchen.
It has its own art department of about two dozen that create tables, chairs and decorations for the dining room.
Shopping and dining enthusiast will enjoy the many options to choose from.
We sat in his small, dark dining room, a plate of jam-filled ginger cookies on the starched white tablecloth between us.
The plain wooden tables in the cavernous, heavy-beamed main dining room were filled with connoisseurs of the house specialty.
On the top level, he built a casually elegant lounge and dining area encircled by windows.
We double back to the hotel, where dinner in the intimate, candlelit dining room nicely ends this travel day.
When it comes to campus dining, the language of food can change as fast as students' majors.
Making waves-our favorite spots for beachside dining.
There is a reason why people are dining here three, four times a week, and the food clearly has a lot to do with it.
Waiters in crisp white jackets kept the bellinis flowing as the guests made their way into the dining room.
The yacht has a formal dining room, a master suite, and four guest cabins.
Now, however, another nocturnal activity can be added to the list: fine dining.
College students used to complain about dining-hall mystery meat.
The homespun setting is a long way from the spotlit, beech-wood minimalism of chic contemporary dining.
But then he started talking about art exhibitions, jazz bands, museums and alfresco dining.

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