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Example sentences for dingy

The entrance sits low and dingy below the sidewalk, next to some stained traffic cones.
Whatever you do, don't use that dingy recycled re-recycled tree-friendly paper.
Though formally homeless, few of those who lack settled abodes sleep on the streets, nor do many live in dingy hotels or hostels.
Yet the overall impression was one of dingy neglect and piecemeal repair.
Fortunately, the dingy will float even if it is partially inflated.
Some basic foods are available in dingy peso shops and through ration books.
Our adventuring heroine wakes up in a dimly lit cave, suspended upside-down and wrapped in a cocoon of dingy white cloth.
It looks unwelcoming, they say, dark and a little dingy.
Perhaps it's best to think of the book as sunlight through a dingy window.
Here's a great way to roam the world right from your dingy little veal-fattening pen.
Three of these dingy gray hulks sprawl about a thousand feet long with walls of reinforced concrete up to eight feet thick.
The bottom of the sink is pretty scratched up and get dingy and stained easily.
Most stations are run-down, with dingy restrooms, access to which may still set you back a few zloty.
Tattered prayer-books and somewhat dingy scapulars were brought to light.
Although so dingy and inconsiderable to the eye, he feared it might have more significance to the touch.
T he right surroundings used to be the bachelor pad in all its swingy-dingy splendor.
People get drunk, they fight, they let their houses get dingy and their clothes frayed.
Shiny shopping malls stand next to dingy state-run stores, and shoppers are inundated with both foreign brands and domestic goods.
These eateries are often dingy but sanitary and serve authentic local fare.
The boat became disabled and almost capsized after a rope holding a dingy snapped and got tangled in the vessel's rudder.
Light-colored shirts are more comfortable in the heat, but they get dingy quickly and show dirt and stains.
One print shows a view of the side of a dingy building.
The blue carpet is worn, the walls dingy, the equipment tired.
The divers, after making a final check, swam off to the awaiting dingy.
It tends to create spots, films and dingy appearance on surfaces.
Bok pointed to the dingy line left by floodwaters on the church's foundation, about five feet above today's street level.
Its dingy interior, lack of heat or carpeting, and filthy toilet were a far cry from the quality coaches designed for whites.
If the water is dingy to muddy, pound any current break in the same areas such as a large rock or log with the white spinner bait.
Its whitewashed buildings housed hundreds of anxious-faced students still learning out of old, dingy textbooks.
The team can only get to shore by dingy in many locations.

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