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Then they begin to taper off, diminishing in frequency over the next several days.
As the maximum of condensation is approached it is going up with diminishing maximum velocity.
Thirty-five bottles of red followed by crystal meth seems to have diminishing returns.
But his own witness testified there was no scientifically established causal link between file-sharing and diminishing revenues.
As for bandwidth, its cost shows no sign of diminishing to zero.
For more than a decade, state-government support for higher education has been diminishing.
Even as he excelled in his work, opportunities within his field were diminishing.
With diminishing state support for post-secondary education, universities now value dollar generation above all else.
Sure, more education means better employment than less education, but the law of diminishing returns applies.
The diminishing private sector cannot sustain all of this government growth.
The diminishing of the planet's oil resources will have tremendous political and economic consequences.
But the odds of finding even a single one of the aquatic giants may be steadily diminishing.
And as diminishing ice causes the animals' ranges to overlap, the two species may begin interbreeding themselves out of existence.
Adding more koalas would only put more stress on an already diminishing habitat.
Abalone farming is seen as one way of diminishing the crisis, as it could provide a regular supply for the heavy demand.
Most define the notion as advancing human endeavors without diminishing prospects for future generations.
Basho once remarked that, despite centuries of trying to describe the moon, poets have not succeeded in diminishing its beauty.
On the south it is probably limited by the diminishing amount of humidity.
As solar panel manufacturers try to harvest more of the sun's energy for less, they face increasingly diminishing returns.
Systems have become continually more interconnected, and interdependent thus requiring increasingly diminishing turn around times.
You're forgetting about the law of diminishing returns more or less.
But theatrical revenues have been diminishing steadily as a percentage of overall revenues for the movie industry.
But the cost-benefit relationship may run up against diminishing returns.
But the diminishing figures on those who are riled should be troubling to tea partiers.
Dutifully turning out to rubberneck weekend strollers has diminishing returns.
Moving past the monolith the experience runs in reverse, with more inscriptions and the high wall diminishing in height.
Collins points out that the overall safety net for farmers is diminishing.
Presidential primary campaigns have a way of either enhancing a candidate's standing and reputation, or diminishing it.
One does not want such a grave charge as that to be degraded by propaganda to the point where it meets diminishing returns.
Sooner or later, a point of diminishing returns is reached.
Blue areas indicate diminishing light, and yellow areas new light.
Many of them are seeing diminishing returns to their investments due to player costs growing faster than revenue.
However, the influence that comes with such superiority is already diminishing.
Then again, the relative success of the essay may also have something to do with the diminishing national attention span.
It has gone a long way toward diminishing isolation and parochialism and has given us cultural capital to hold in common.
They are ever vexed by anxiety about their diminishing horizons and fading looks.
Nevertheless, the century had turned and the centrality of the horse was diminishing.
At the moment, her opportunities seem to be multiplying rather than diminishing.
It's called the law of diminishing celebrity returns.
For instance, the theory might explain why the expansion of the universe seems to be accelerating rather than diminishing.
Yes, there's limited and diminishing natural habitat.
But efficiency, energy efficiency is subject to the law of diminishing returns.
Elevated counts on these two tests equal diminishing kidney function.
Nowadays, the talk is about climate change, cracking ice shelves and diminishing glaciers.
If omega is less than one, the universe keeps on expanding forever, but at an ever-diminishing pace.
But the economics of cacao is rapidly changing because of a diminishing supply of beans.
First drought struck the region, forcing large herbivores to congregate around ever-diminishing watering holes and creeks.
As supplies get lower it costs more and more for each barrel, creating diminishing returns.
But some forms of help have diminishing returns with a horizontal asymptote.
There was and is no self diminishing element to it whatsoever.
Dumping a lot of money in the system rapidly leads to diminishing returns as you start to pay for bad science.
Actions now routinely involve a diminishing group of three hundred to five hundred demonstrators or less.
Before the crisis, their chances were already diminishing.
Future benefits are discounted because they will be a diminishing fraction of future wealth.
But capital and labour each face diminishing returns, so at a certain point adding more does not result in more growth.
There are few better illustrations of the law of diminishing marginal utility.
But this strategy is now yielding diminishing returns.
For many products, labour is a small and diminishing fraction of total costs.
Flat taxes can be regressive because the marginal benefit of income faces diminishing returns.
Mistakes can be corrected, and the onset of diminishing returns pushed back.
But eventually those scale economies will be exhausted and diminishing returns will set in.
First, a rapid slowdown in the euro-zone economy is diminishing demand for emerging-world exports.
Diminishing rate of return, of course, is one of the first things that they teach you in economics.
There are plenty of competing explanations for the diminishing appeal of divorce, and no easy way to discover which are true.
Both of you need to learn about diminishing marginal returns.
Businesses will soon be caught up in this spiral of ever-diminishing confidence.
That's certainly well said and obvious too if you believe the law of diminishing return.
And the disadvantages of being private are diminishing.
And for three years, the winners have seen diminishing returns from their post-Idol careers.
Brain size, for instance, helps up to a point but carries diminishing returns: brains become energy-hungry and slow.
The authors' hypothesis is based on two insights from behavioral economics: loss aversion and diminishing sensitivity.
Fossil reserves are diminishing at an unknowable rate.
The researchers seek to discover to what degree these and other factors are diminishing firefly populations.
And more, since greenhouse gas emissions show no signs of diminishing.
The truth as you have retained it in your memory is multi-dimensional with diminishing degrees of significance.
Diminishing reserves of fossil fuels and rising greenhouse gas emissions suggest there should be increased demand for bioplastics.
After two years, as expected, data showed that the number of birds and other species in each patch was diminishing.
Once the basics are met, plus a certain amount of discretionary resources, you reach a point of diminishing returns.
The problem with trying to split this hair even finer is, there is a point of diminishing returns.
However, with medical intervention, the strength of the species is probably diminishing.
These nannies in white lab coats are diminishing their own respectability.
The decimation of native peoples and the diminishing of local cultures were palpable on all three trips.
But diminishing the prospects for their survival means the news can't get any worse, only better.
And in place of this comfortable, if somewhat boring, life they face a moribund economy and diminishing prospects.
They gather occasionally to debate one another and succeed only in diminishing themselves.
But, you're a smart guy and know that there are diminishing returns to raising taxes ever higher.

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