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The intrusiveness of other forms of monitoring make us feel somehow diminished.
Economic growth will be constricted, and the quality of life will be diminished.
Downstream human communities also may suffer from diminished water resources.
It releases fewer volatile chemicals, and your tongue's ability to taste bitterness is diminished.
But as microbrews went mainstream, these status differences diminished.
The civic and moral dimensions also are diminished by the powerful market-based orientation to economic and social problems.
In particular, bosses' profits have sadly diminished.
Scientists have estimated that storm surge is diminished by one foot for every square-mile of wetland it travels through.
By then, the public's distrust of electricity had diminished.
Faced with diminished success in receiving funds, many professors have begun resorting to various methods to improve their odds.
Conversely, the value of a minority language is diminished as people abandon it.
Meth addicts, he told me, ultimately suffer from diminished sense of touch.
Not having tenure, she adds, has not diminished her ability to manage her department.
As a result shark stocks are slow to rebound once their populations have been diminished.
In other words, their bad social behavior had diminished our sympathy, making us less interested in their pain.
Obviously the generation of student debtors will face a highly diminished future.
Meanwhile, a steady drip of experimental results has diminished the uncertainty over whether or not the two diseases are the same.
As nickel dropped decreased, methanogens producing methane diminished.
Their ambitions diminish, and their ability to pull off even those diminished ambitions don't succeed.
But even after a century, that diminished population may yet hold a surprise.
When the glaciers are gone, some decades from now, the water supply will be diminished.
Those records showed that the length of time the fog hung around at ground level during the day had radically diminished.
To call them sea monsters may be a bit sensationalistic, but scientific study has not diminished their enigmatic nature.
Over the past eight years, my dreams of teaching at a university have diminished.
The economic crisis has put many expansion projects on hold, but it has not diminished the long-term prospects for the oil sands.
Developing plans to address a possible electricity supply deficit if hydropower is diminished.
All of these have diminished the will to fund public higher education.
Nor is it diminished by the fact that this particular race was not to the finishing-post, but to the starting-line.
Time has not diminished this human need for reflection.
When expertise is diminished to such an extent, irrationality and fear can run amok.
Tenure bound her ambition and diminished her freedom.
It makes a huge difference social-ecologically to have diminished biodiversity in our human constructed environments.
It is highly doubtful that this trend has diminished over the last decade.
It's a process in which your senses are hyperactive and yet your self-awareness is strangely diminished.
The middle-aged face falling real wages and diminished pension rights.
When the culture of a people dies the richness of the whole planet is diminished.
First, the server crashes and scams of yesteryear have diminished.
They might be diminished in terms of richness, but languages of heritage can still be extremely valuable.
As the universe expands, that energy is diminished as it is dispersed.
But the overall level of anxiety appears not to have diminished at all.
Fox visited recently, and publicly said that the symptoms of his disease were diminished when he was there.
Additionally, science is neither frightened nor diminished by admitting that there are things it doesn't know.
But later years may come with a diminished quality of life.
In the past few seasons, however, the team's unusually fantastic record has slowly diminished.
But as other countries started rebuilding their economies, the advantage gradually diminished.
The loss of the element of surprise diminished the chance of a live capture.
The world is diminished by the loss of his unique talent and generous heart.
Those whom she touched were lifted by her presence and will be diminished by her absence.
Diminished sense of smell can be caused by sinus problems.
The downpour increased northward and diminished south of it.
Her heartbreaking absence from our lives will leave us forever diminished.
His government's chances of lasting the year have diminished.
We are all diminished by the loss of his blazing intellect and provocative rascally ways.
Political meddling and match-fixing have diminished.
The second time around, the speed-up was markedly diminished.
For a long time its significance amongst faculty has diminished.
But even with the diminished power, the car had excellent acceleration.
But our capacity to communicate nonetheless seems, for some mysterious reason, to have diminished radically.
He's attuned to a world in which writers must adapt or die in an age of diminished glamour surrounding literary product.
However, none of them feel that their experience would have been diminished without graduation.
His redneck concern is that his manhood has been diminished by this cancerous attach on his reproductive gland.
But what it does say is that your chances of getting that job will be significantly diminished.
But the ennui also conveys diminished creative vigor.
But the effect was to show how much the threat they pose has diminished.
We have diminished the arts, the feminine, and the intuitive.
Second, the dangers from debt restructuring have diminished even as the costs of delay are rising.
The costs for companies to address financial markets are likely to increase and their ability to raise funding diminished.
Its mystique may not have disappeared, but it certainly diminished.
The location challenge would still be there, but diminished substantially.
With the right medication, the pain and swelling diminished, and she began physical therapy.
But any of the benefits to the markets would surely be diminished by the cost to the ecosystem, wildlife and tourism.
The emperor's importance as a seminal figure of history won't be diminished.
As the miners' place in the local economy and social order has diminished, the bond among miners has strengthened.
As soon as the agency actually approves a drug for sale, though, its authority is markedly diminished.
If any votes aren't counted, the will of the people is not realized and our democracy is diminished.
Her eye never became jaded, her ardor for what was new and alive never diminished, and her language remained restless.
The animal tracks-wolf and moose-that had crossed our path diminished, then disappeared.
As marshes are drained for industrial and agricultural development, this layer of protection is diminished.
The snowpack-already diminished by drought-melts earlier in the year, drying the land and giving the wildfire season a jump start.
Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war.
The exchangeable value of its annual produce, therefore, is likely to be diminished by every such treaty.
The other ribs are elevated, so that the first two intercostal spaces are diminished while the others are increased in width.
For corruption injures, but unless it diminished goodness, it could not injure.
We could further ascertain with great certainty that the pains on walking and standing diminished in the beginning on lying down.
Their ports have been made subject to customs and regulations which have cramped and diminished their trade.
It remains that the waters must be raised in one part, and thereby be diminished and retreat in another.
No manor how a single element in milk is taken from it, its nutritive qualities as a whole are notably diminished.
Meanwhile, inflationary pressures have diminished appreciably.
Over time, courts have diminished the motorist's expectation of privacy.
The researchers believe that the change is linked to a diminished sense of self.
Elderly brain cells are particularly vulnerable because they have a diminished ability to get rid of excess calcium.
In addition, the quality of ordinary two-dimensional images on the screens is diminished.
All that saving and investing is at risk of loosing it, or the value of the return diminished though inflation.
When these genes malfunction, the result is a condition called primary microcephaly, in which brain size is severely diminished.
Could be that the seasons of today's temperate zones have diminished the biodiversity that once flowered.
The expansion rate has more recently diminished, consistent with the laws of physics.
For them, faculty-student interactions are not possible and the overall value of a university education is diminished.
Our work became more focused and the rowdiness soon diminished significantly.
In any case, its importance diminished, the last encounter and the promise made faded from my memory.
It is not a zero-sum game where our idealism is diminished by their career choices.
The potential for violence from this particular source has clearly diminished.
But in an old, familiar story, automation and outsourcing dried up the demand for labor and diminished wages.
The vitriol leaves one feeling stained and diminished.
Those crimes are real enough and cannot be diminished.
My pores seem almost nonexistent-the surface smooth and fine lines seemingly diminished.
Income from the trading post diminished to virtually nothing.
But the next morning the world, and her diminished status in it, intruded rudely.
The small group of intimates who watch with her has gradually diminished.
Underlying this conjectured scenario is an inexplicably universal state of severely diminished immune competence.
Now it is a step forward for industrial nations, their wealth much diminished, to be retrenching and targeting aid more narrowly.
Some of those communities still exist today, but in diminished incarnations.
The chances for students who drop out of high school are dramatically diminished.
The nation-state would play a diminished role, and sovereignty would lose some of its political potency.
Nevertheless, the president does appear a diminished figure nowadays.
There are other signs that the cosmos have diminished as a source of inspiration in our culture.
In the years since, standards governing the pursuit and dissemination of such material have steadily diminished.
The trout had long since been diminished by grenade fishing.
As the differences between the generations have diminished, the differences among older people have grown more acute.
And their efforts have diminished the number of new cases and deaths.
Our fears but also our acceptance of mystery were diminished, and our concept of nature made a full turn.
The spill has diminished almost everybody, but him above all.
The collapse in commodity prices last year has diminished them a bit, but many expect their popularity to recover.
The result is that the mini-warlords in what is an inner-city area of high unemployment have much-diminished status and power.
But at the present time his reputation is somewhat diminished.
But there were no signs of diminished vigor or control on that evening.
The resignations were a symbolic protest by senior officers of the military's diminished role.
Other officials invented myths about themselves that diminished the importance of the positions they occupied.
Even in a world of diminished expectations, space scientists continue to dream.
Within a few weeks her awful itch diminished and then vanished.
As a result of the diminished food supply, local penguins have become less successful at raising chicks.
The incentive for tanking games is correspondingly diminished.
Hand washing became the norm, and sepsis deaths diminished.
Similar misguided policies have diminished the solar-cell industry.
We can all look forward to a diminished country if these students loose heart and fail in their efforts.
Faith will survive, and true faith will be strengthened rather than diminished by giving everyone freedom from their edicts.
It is possible that by doing so, the propaganda value may be diminished through relative obscurity.
He says the diminished view of the housing market is causing some people to walk away from their house too quickly.
Half are seabirds whose food supplies are diminished because of climate changes.
With each meeting, the drama and historical import has diminished.

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