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It also adds a new dimension to the game for me.
George: This idea really arises in theories where space-time has higher dimensions.
The shed roof is the same dimension as the mud flat.
You're going to need tons of room before entering the third dimension.
Sustainability of resources and human dimension effects on these resources are also included.
What makes his treatment stand out is the additional moral dimension.
They add height, dimension, and color.
But this time around, Twitter added an entirely different dimension to my convention experience.
To get the cheese, the mouse needs to travel through another dimension.
It has grandeur, majesty and a spiritual dimension.
The narrative falls flat and the characters have little dimension.
The find provides insight into the spatial dimension of smell and the speed at which the brain operates.
For decades, economists have written about the screening dimension of higher education.
To be fair, the report acknowledges a political dimension to the relationship between college education and employment.
The e-ingredient of an old-fashioned codex makes it possible to explore a new dimension of the past by capturing its sounds.
And within each dimension are multiple sub-dimensions, and sub-sub dimensions.
It actually can add a dimension of collegiality to be honest about it.
He brings the third dimension into play not only in action sequences but as an enlargement of everyday life.
But there is an irreducible psychological dimension to both crises and recoveries.
But he could not grasp that those frailties were more than personal-that racism had a structural dimension.
Human society has acquired a digital dimension with new, cross-cutting power relationships.
The filmmakers say they gravitate toward these troubled personalities because they give a character more dimension.
The infinity pool seems to change dimension from day to night.
Smartphones in particular are booming and adding a high-tech dimension to the phenomenon.
They also appear to perform better on this important dimension of personal and public health.
Spin-based circuits are intriguing because they add a new dimension to computing.
Not only that, perhaps you could include the time dimension: get scans periodically as you progress thru life.
It wouldnt surprise me if the dimension of time could be found to affect a single dimension with out the need for the other two.
Automobiles have relatively huge possibilities for alteration in dimension and function.
The truth is that a time dimension would make motion impossible.
Measures that reach to mathematical infinities are found in nearly every dimension our finite-dichotomous mind can see.
Don't mistake the complexity of a single dimension as an understanding of reality.
But to a colony of ants crawling around the wire, the rope has a second dimension: its thickness.
It nailed our processing tests with some of the inkiest blacks and best color accuracy we've seen in any dimension.
The drawback to the hobby cutter is that it can't handle foam wider than four inches in its smallest dimension.
The west-east dimension is always the largest by many multiples.
The second being some other dimension where the particles remain connected despite being separated here in our observable four.
However, over multiple episodes the show does a good job of disproving stereotypes and adding dimension to the characters.
Saying it's a vehicle from another planet or dimension, is also speculative.
And as noted in the paper they were looking at the social dimension of political ideology.
And yet it's obvious that they didn't need a special set of neurons to take in this extra dimension of color.
Eva will begin to appear in worldwide ads this month, lending her flawless face to the beauty world through another dimension.
Time is a dimension, to which there is a higher dimension not perceivable.
The floating body is unlimited in dimension, and can be a floating city or a floating island with no environmental footprint.
Great example of extending technology for energy generation into the third dimension.
It's called a scalar field in the jargon and that's precisely the kind of thing you might get from an extra dimension.
Adding an ecological dimension to the economy is the next step toward a more mature economic system.
Taxation is not the one and only dimension of economic freedom.
The funnels that create, don't procreate in the same dimension.
The amount of behavioral change that will be induced by fines of this dimension is zero.
More recently this model of organizing has taken on a political dimension.
If such center exists, it is in the higher dimension hyperspace.
One important dimension concerns freedom vs obedience.
Importantly, these occupations varied along one dimension: the extent to which the job entailed interaction with children.
The article adds another interesting dimension to the motivation for choice of turf-spot.
The criminal dimension of its activities is also important.
The speech of these people is marvelously true and adds another dimension to the story that is told.
It essentially says that any three-dimension space without holes in it is a sphere.
The mobile revolution adds a new dimension to customer-targeting.
Some old-style networks aim to bring an ethical dimension to business.
Of course the political dimension shouldn't be ignored either.
But he skips over an interesting little transatlantic dimension.
And hybrids add yet another dimension since these, if electricity is too expensive, can run on petrol instead.
Her new freedom to talk about whatever she liked added an entirely different dimension to the evening, and to the series.
Statistics and information on the worldwide supply, demand, and flow of dimension stone.

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