dim sum in a sentence

Example sentences for dim sum

Stay away from dim sum at dinner, because that's a late morning and lunchtime food.
Simple to prepare, and a typical end to a dim sum meal, but the key is freshness of the greens.
He remembers one afternoon spent in the shadows of a dim sum restaurant.
Volunteers served special teas along with a variety of sweet and savory dim sum.
Convenience stores earn sizable revenues from prepared foods such as hot dogs, dim sum and ice cream.
He also selected the music played in the restaurant on weeknights as well as dim sum brunch.
Immerse yourself in the local culture by having a proper breakfast of dim sum.
Traditional dim sum is served here, with the dinner menu also including shark fin soup, steamed lobster and braised abalone.
Grab a dim sum here, a bowl of noodles there and a dish of shrimp wonton.
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