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First, the economic outlook has continued to dim for college graduates.
Both cones and rods participate in dark adaptation, slowly increasing their sensitivity to light in a dim environment.
Beyond that welcome, the bones of six million people line the dim tunnels.
So often it slips past everyone as a useful thing to do or know, and oversight from individual advisors can be pretty dim.
These plate-size organs allow a squid to see dim outlines of other animals.
Simple to prepare, and a typical end to a dim sum meal, but the key is freshness of the greens.
Switching back to clear, once inside a dim room, took a little longer: eight minutes.
But the gas and dust cloud are dim and should be viewed through binoculars.
Prospects for winning even two more games this year seem dim.
But there are ways to dim our influential lights, the scientists say.
Any such celebration will be dim and lightly attended.
While they hunger for their homeland, the prospect of returning seems dim.
They are extremely dim and composed mostly of dark matter.
If a scene looks dim and lacks shadow detail, increase the brightness.
Plants that relied at times mostly on the dim red dwarf might need light from all across the visible spectrum.
We face a shadowy, empty-looking building illuminated by a dim blue light over the entry door.
Picture quality shines in bright light but struggles in dim situations.
The craft's instruments note whether any of these stars dim periodically-signs that significant objects are orbiting these stars.
In this corner: a defense secretary who takes a dim view of an expensive, delayed vehicle.
We swim through a hundred yards of dim cavern opening onto a sandy beach walled in by limestone cliffs, the blue sky overhead.
Dim your screen a bit if you're reading something long.
The hall was dim and overflowed with hundreds of people folded in various lotus poses on rows of straw mats.
The record-breaking galaxy is so far away and so dim that the astronomers needed considerable help to observe it.
Its brick hulk seems deserted until night falls, when a dim yellow glow emanates from the only intact window on the ground floor.
It took so long to find because it's an extremely dim and cool kind of failed star called a brown dwarf.
There was no way, it seemed, that he could dim expectations or escape public reverence.
My soul goes out in a longing to touch the skirt of the dim distance.
Photo sensors dim lamps when sunlight is bright enough to read by.
That's because red dwarfs are relatively small and dim, and are cooler than our sun, the team explained.
No one's sure, but the pattern may repel insects or distort the animal's outline in dim light, confusing predators.
In the dim, smoky hut, one of the king's wives boils coffee over a hearth.
Once thought to be merely dim-witted creatures of the past, dinosaurs have proven to be intriguing and diverse.
Elves are dim, halo-shaped discharges that appear even higher in the mesosphere.
Most students know that the ones who leave early are either incredible bright or incredibly dim, though.
It also raises the prospect, however dim or vaguely realized, of strengthening campus diversity.
Their message-that a good life can be had outside baseball-comes off as a dim and high-minded consolation prize.
They don't really have a sunset here, but the fires seem to dim a bit, and the screaming gets more subdued.
And lovers sought the dim heights of the third balcony-the paradise-away from the probing lorgnettes.
From there, they climbed a spiral staircase to a dim and dusty landing on the forty-fifth floor.
But the artists available to represent these trophy steeds were dim amateurs, famously dissolute loungers at the track.
Cigarette butts litter the dim stairwell, and the rickety elevator takes fifteen seconds too long for comfort.
Another thousand feet and your surroundings have faded to a dim bluish-gray twilight.
Larger instruments sometimes show such nebulae as pale green because the retina responds to that tint in dim light.
No wonder backyard observers across the country began struggling to find the dim celebrity.
Most noteworthy comets display a dim blue gas tail in addition to a whiter, brighter dust tail.
The pigment absorbs hues of red light that are normally invisible in dim conditions.
To help clarify this, imagine the parts of a brain actively thinking as bright areas, and those areas not thinking as dim areas.
But the lensing has left one of the jets almost too dim to be seen, and smeared the other into the shape of a perfect ring.
Gradually losing their legs, they evolved into ocean dwellers in a dim world where sound serves them better than light.
Seventy yards away, in the dim light of the deep woods, a shape as long and low and dark as the shadows emerges.
Once for the initial dim, once to verify the period of the planet, and once to verify the frequency.
But you'll need a twilight-dim room to enjoy the fine detail in its less-than-brilliant image.
Large supply, limited demand dim fiber-optic future.
As the house lights dim and the maestro lifts his arms, a hush comes over the crowd.
The high ceilings and dim lighting provide an elegant and romantic setting that is perfect for special occasions.
The dining room includes table seating, window seating with a view of the city, dim lighting and a full bar area.
Fifty-five years after the movie's release, broken mortar and bullet-riddled facades are a dim memory.
It is a popular target with for amateur astronomers' telescopes, although too dim to reveal its magnificent colours.
Its job is to see if those stars dim ever so slightly-because of the presence of an orbiting planet.
The cheetah's future may look dim, but conservationists have been working to lessen the decline in some areas.
If that were the case, prospects for life there would be rather dim.
To put it simply, the stars are too dim in relation to the object that you are looking at.
None of them wants to be responsible for a building that is too hot or stuffy, can't heat its water or is too dim.
With our attention spans being famously short, the prospects are dim in the near term.
He fished meats out from the dim murk with flimsy tongs and clacked at them with a dollar-store cleaver right on his griddle.
The tide, as it rose, made dim and sweet sounds around us.
Then let those who seek after summer tiptoe with stealth into the dim twilight netherworld of the cellar and put up a hand.
The small dining room features dim lights and table candles that make for an extremely romantic, intimate setting.
He remembers one afternoon spent in the shadows of a dim sum restaurant.
Perhaps you have a dim sense that some agreements have been signed to protect the rainforests, some programs put in place.
The chance of a new or alarming idea getting out in the course of that segment are dim, if not nil.
The moment came and went but the lights did not dim.
My heart strenuously waves these things off from my memory's gaze until the dim thing sought arrives at last, fresh from depths.
Every form of tyranny has taken a dim view of such irreverence.
The journalist opened a case full of alcohol-smuggled bottles wickedly gleamed in the dim, flickering light.
But its prospects are dim, and some of its provisions dubious.
If indeed we're in for more of the same, the future of manned spaceflight looks dim.
The reader's eyes can never quite focus upon him, his outlines are dim.
Controls automatically dim and then shut off overhead fixtures as daylight permeates a room.
But if that actually happened, online workers ought to have a dim view of online employees.
Such a color-mapping might be useful when you want to dim some area where your data are less important.
Now he puts it away, seeing too soon how dim it gets.
His prospects look bright in the longer term and dim next year.
But that did little to dim the spectacle of immediate dislocation.
No foot moves with firmer tread than his over that dim twilight region which lies between the seen and the unseen.
Stay away from dim sum at dinner, because that's a late morning and lunchtime food.
Now the skin shrinks against the bones and cracks, the eyes sink, and vision and hearing become dim.
The dim landscape which had been brightening all day to the green of spring was now darkening to the gray of evening.
The interior is rather dim, but flash photography is greatly frowned upon.
Their complaints are unlikely to dim the movie's prospects.
We are much too busy and progressive, thank you, for the magic charms and potions and amulets that so bedazzled our dim ancestors.
The keyboard is full-size and backlit for when the cabin lights dim.

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