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For an extra boost during the growing season, give plants a shot of water-soluble fertilizer, diluted according to directions.
In the brine, this can be diluted to one part vinegar, one part water.
Using blank parchment he cut from an old rent roll, he used ink diluted with bookbinders' chemicals to write a new deed.
After the inevitable accident, the experience would become totally diluted or be forced to shut down.
Moreover, as families mingle and fracture over generations, ownership becomes diluted along with the bloodline.
Remove onion, thicken gravy with flour diluted with cold water, and season with salt and pepper.
Remove meat, thicken stock remaining in pan with flour diluted with enough cold water to pour easily.
Dip in egg slightly beaten and diluted with one tablespoon water.
Thicken stock with one-third cup flour diluted with enough cold water to pour easily.
Thicken with one-fourth cup flour, diluted with enough cold water to pour easily.
Brush over with white of egg slightly beaten, diluted with one teaspoon water, then sprinkle with sugar.
If the cases are soft rather than crisp, batter is too thick and must be diluted with milk.
Mix flour and sugar, add yolks of eggs slightly beaten and diluted with water.
Thicken with one-fourth cup flour, diluted with enough cold water to form a thin smooth paste.
By brushing tops of rings with beaten yolk of egg diluted with one teaspoonful water, they will have a glazed appearance.
It's an idea that has gotten lost or diluted over the previous decades.
Tightly secure the jar lid and shake it until the glue is fully diluted and no gooey clumps remain.
Given that this excrement is diluted by the excrement from hundreds of healthy animals, the actual amounts would be pretty small.
In one test, participants got a so-called health tonic of diluted, but unpleasant tasting vinegar.
Either one or both mice were injected with diluted acetic acid, which is known to cause a mild stomach ache.
Closer than that, the rare earths were diluted by other deposits.
Surges are energetic and diluted mixtures of searing gas and rock fragments.
Test the diluted vinegar solution on a small portion of fabric to check for discoloration.
They are mixing with other kids and intermarrying, and the culture is becoming diluted.
Pollution levels cannot be diluted anymore in this vast environment.
How well a patient does depends on how rapidly the sodium hypochlorite was diluted and neutralized.
Sanitize the cleaning table with a diluted bleach solution, and wear a steel glove while cleaning your catch.
Those shareholders that do not participate will have their holdings deeply diluted.
And building codes limit the extent to which cement can be diluted with additives.
But once the principle has been compromised, it seems likely that the rule will be diluted further in the future.
In short, the benefits of diversification were highly diluted.
At some point, any club bumps into the danger of growing so big that the benefits of belonging to it are diluted.
If the bank encounters difficulties, triggering conversion, shareholders would be automatically and immediately diluted.
The constant stream of rights issues diluted earnings per share, contributing to the market's fall.
Worse still is to use a whole range of diluted antibiotics sequentially.
And in the process, its nature is concealed and its impact is quietly diluted.
Overuse, misuse, improper dosing and the use of substandard or diluted medicines all contribute to the rise of resistance.
Revolutionary values were diluted and there was a clamour for more democracy.
In fact, diluted bleach baths have been shown to be beneficial for eczema sufferers.
No policy on long term public ownership of the means of production, or in diluted form, the heights of industry.
Some public goods are diluted by population, others are not.
Promising candidates will be blue, showing that they killed off the yeast in a reasonably diluted concentration.
Once the uranium is diluted, it can no longer produce an explosive chain reaction.
However, the foam will be less stable, because the viscosity of that single egg white has been diluted.
Homeopathy is the antiscientific belief that infinitely diluted medicine in water can cure various ailments.
Expansion diluted its energy, cooling the universe in much the same way that vapor from a spray can cools when released.
According to me, they are nothing but diluted forms of the same chemical and hazardous dyes used on normal clothing.
See, the detergents will be diluted to minute proportions compared to the other retail brands, but sold at the same price.
The correlation becomes more diluted as you slide further down the ideological continuum but is strong nevertheless.
And, as commenters note, it is a further stretch to claim that immigrants somehow diluted any existing immunity.
Pesto is concentrated, for easy storage, and meant to be diluted.
Pour hot coffee over ice and you get diluted coffee.
Some expressions were toned down, strong sympathies diluted, and a few plain facts erased.
Many of these claims seem to be based on proposed provisions that were diluted or removed in the final version.
In the case of a credible eye-witness report of a suspect's race, my objections are obviously diluted.
Immigrant players of all races have diluted the native stock and turned us into a bunch of sissies.
Being largely without flavor it can be diluted to taste.
In the past, combining two such polymers decreased electronic performance, since the conductive polymer was diluted.
Unfortunately, the basic appeal of such debates is often diluted by an excess of detail and a surfeit of characters.

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