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Plant operators who accept drilling wastewater simply dilute it with regular sewage and then discharge it into water bodies.
The urine specific gravity test reveals how concentrated or dilute the urine is.
They worry that extending their reach might dilute their brand.
We cannot dilute the power of the lender of last resort.
Dilute finished compost with water to make compost tea.
But matter and energy do dilute as the volume of the universe increases, so dark energy slowly came to dominate.
Apply a dilute solution of fertilizer in early spring.
Water sprays designed to dilute escaping gas were poorly installed and proved ineffective.
My biggest problem with these programs is that they dilute the strong names.
It has looked for acquisitions abroad, but failed to find any that would not dilute earnings.
Those that debauch the currency dilute the lifeblood of the economy until it dies of suffocation.
And on a small scale in your own house if you grow it in dilute urine, you reduce the fertilizer load on the local ecosystem.
Solvents are used to dilute paint so that it can be sprayed in a fine, even mist.
Include him as a coauthor but add one or two other coauthors to dilute the value of co-authorship.
But spreading the brand too widely can dilute its value.
Let a bucket of tap water sit for a few hours before using it to steep or to dilute compost tea.
If it is too dilute it will be similar to freshwater and cause those stingers to fire.
Taking away their commission or splitting it would dilute the earnings of both of our sites.
Any more than three will dilute the amount of time available for focused personal attention.
Dilute and mix foliar liquid fertilizers according to the instructions on the packaging.
Dilute it with water and spray it on the bats' faces.
To some it means using air, water or fiber to dilute the amount of other nutrients in the diet.
Take out a gallon and dilute it to twenty gallons in another tank.
It would likewise act to dilute any predisposition in the opposite direction.
Kickstand sells a cold-brew concentrate that you dilute to taste.
The private-equity managers have little interest in restructuring the debt, since that would dilute their stakes.
It certainly isn't something to withhold and dilute at the expense of others.
If a company has a mishap, such as an oil spill or fraud, it cannot simply buy air-time to dilute the story.
Remaining within the realm of his own imagination, he need not worry about pesky clients who can dilute a project into mediocrity.
Late trading can dilute the returns of long-term fund holders.
In that case, it's better to put that energy into fixing things between us than to further dilute our intimacy.
Add a spoonful of the pasta cooking water to the cottage cheese mixture to dilute it before tossing with the pasta.
He knows the danger: in their zeal to avoid becoming dehydrated, runners may end up drinking so much that they dilute their blood.
There's a lot of speechifying that stops the play dead, coupled with performances that dilute its power.
To be sure, there is too much beneficence on the part of virtually everyone concerned, which does somewhat dilute the excitement.
The ocean should disperse and dilute radioactive materials to safe levels.
They also, in effect, dilute shareholders' equity with nary a by-your-leave.
The need to raise outside capital to finance growth can slowly dilute the family's stake to insignificance.
The professionals should not dilute their professionalism.
She says he measured the chemicals, heated them to make a potent-smelling base and then threw in ice to cool and dilute the base.
Hence the efforts to dilute his doctrines, or interpret them in such a way as to remove their sting.
Even pumping it underground, there would be enough ocean left to dilute the salt content.
So there is no more than there was to start with, but it is less dilute.
Though not as important as the lower house, the upper house can cause frustrating delays and dilute policy.
But increasingly they prefer to dilute their shareholdings.
If you start to dilute your brand then it's really dangerous territory.
By shifting the focus to politics and history, it could dilute the essential message of the painful costs of war.
Nothing to dilute the purity of the tightly swaddled burrito.

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