dilly in a sentence

Example sentences for dilly

His closet full of identical blue, button-down shirts and khaki slacks eliminates sartorial dilly-dally.
If you didn't, then your dilly-dallying has been punished with a further ten days of painful anticipation.
There is a tried and tested way to stop the dilly-dallying.
Couldn't even forcefully encourage him not to dilly-dally in the pocket.
But there's really not much time to dilly dally on the feet.
One wonders if you're not dilly-dallying for a reason.
And the tournament game that forms the climax is a dilly, even though it is contrived.

Famous quotes containing the word dilly

All praise of the hawk on fire in hawk-eyed dusk be sung, When his viperish fuse hangs looped with flames under the bran... more
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