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Example sentences for diligent

Working out a rough estimate of the mileage you've covered isn't difficult if you're diligent about it.
They are a diligent and industrious race, eager to gain, and tenacious of their gains.
He stands diligently at train stops, shaking hands.
More than a study of interlinked lives, the novel is a diligent, atmospherically detailed slice of social and cultural history.
The race is not to the swift, but to the diligent and those with high endurance.
Here's an explanation of why his diligent work is no laughing matter.
I'll take diligent notes if I experience it again.
Scientists are basically honest seekers and diligent pursuers of pure knowledge and truth.
Above all things the interest of your whole life depends on your being diligent.
Let's all try and be more diligent in the future.
There are some, however, who are not as diligent about keeping to their time.
That is why one has to be diligent in finding out where value lies.
The residents have been diligent in preserving that heritage by their many festivals, foods, architecture and traditions.
But there is no sentiment of this kind in either of his two volumes, where he presents himself as diligent and uxorious.
But until it does, you'll have to be diligent about weeding because it grows rather slowly.
Be diligent about irrigation, especially for plants that need lots of water to thrive.
Be extremely diligent about keeping the seeds moist through germination.
My guess is that the best way to solve your problem is to be diligent about dumping the standing water.
Diligent maintenance and some changes to existing equipment can improve home heating energy efficiency.
After planting your vegetable seeds or seedlings, be diligent about weeding, watering and feeding your crops.
To make that kind of change to your bill, you'll need to be diligent.
Plaintiffs have been diligent in bringing this motion.
Human fathers might pride themselves on being dedicated breadwinners, diligent carpool drivers or convenient camping buddies.
The correct number was found by the audience's diligent attention to the problem.
By diligent search investigators have now found one plausible incident in which fracking itself has done damage.
However, they will also be indebted to us for our diligent work in science.
The good news is that these diligent scientists sometimes really do figure out how to heal the mice.
She was impartial, detailed and diligent in her research and writing.
In all matters, before beginning, a diligent preparation should be made.
After all which the tutors or servants ought to make diligent inquiry.
Wisely planned, nobly written and deliberately composed, it is the fruit of deep and diligent research.
Nor they be not more diligent to instruct them in learning, than in virtue and good manners.
The senators, in wonder and surprise, made a diligent search into the matter.
They that be diligent about their work live without check or rebuke.
However diligent the authorities' chase against the clock, the clock will win.
Certainly his twice-weekly column has been distinguished by diligent research and a keen eye for cant.
Diligent people walk the good path, while the lazy ones are stuck in the weeds.
Being diligent physicists, they decided to investigate.
If shareholders want to break this mould they need to be far more diligent.
Diligent residential customers who went to the website to look for them were in for a surprise.
Also, boat owners are not always as diligent as they might be when it comes to inspecting their vessels for signs of infestation.
It can also be challenging to define what distinguishes insider information from diligent research.
Facing experienced and diligent defence lawyers, prosecutors rarely seek the ultimate punishment.
The three books have much common ground, are well written and contain much diligent research.
In contrast, during a recession, investors are more diligent about their investment.
But part of the reason voter fraud stays rare is that our society stays diligent.
Mere days after our treatments, with diligent use of the new products, the amazing results are already written all over our faces.
Be diligent and apply morning and night for bigger difference.
And was relieved to find that he could still feel his digits, thanks to his diligent layering technique.
It is clear that she thinks he should have been more diligent.
Through years of diligent study they have mastered this country's difficult language.
Cash flow can easily double through more diligent purchasing and pricing policies.
Be diligent about handwashing, and make sure that visitors wash their hands.
The actor wasn't especially talented but, as it turned out, he was diligent and a quick study.
His own shorthand in this book has been transposed into plain language by a diligent secretary.
In my eyes, he has always been and will always be an awkward and diligent poet.
He was always a diligent worker, and at no easy calling.
In the end, it is a matter of reversing a decades-old mindset that has honored the high-roller and ignored the diligent.
He felt fortunate now, but he also understood that he must be more diligent.
Gamekeepers of the old school, diligent and devoted, keep their bear-watching data in notebook diaries.
But you'll want to be diligent and investigate that address.
Be diligent with your research on where you want to apply.
That, coupled with a diligent talent is what is required.
When diligent students understand learning objectives, they can plan for their own study responsibly.
By the way, there's enough information on here to out any of us if someone was diligent about searching for it.
Diligent journalism involves lots of awe and wonder, but it also feeds on doom and gloom.
First thank him for his diligent long-term work and foresight.
Jim, my friend, you are diligent to be keeping up with this thread.
Then she can be diligent in screening and communicating with her doctor about this topic.
It requires diligent work that bases itself on the developing progression of scientific thought.
Then after several hours of diligent work she will abandon it and select a new site, often nearby, and start all over again.
Only because of his diligent work, was a disaster avoided.
Yes, you've been diligent with the paper and plastic that piles up every week, but open the fridge and look inside.
The media are far less diligent than they used to be.
Administration should also be diligent with the remediation process.
Vacationers are becoming more diligent about applying the correct amount of sunscreen and doing it repeatedly.
Be diligent and don't get discouraged it may take six weeks to break the injury cycle.
Forget about diligent saving, careful spending, and avoiding debt.
Less than diligent hand washing or improperly cooked meat could park you on the toilet for the next few days.
Students were diligent, quiet, involved in copying down the daily lessons.

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