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The fast pace in which we live does not allow for thorough due-diligence and proper fact finding expeditions.
Without care and diligence thou shalt never get virtue.
If your diligence be not speedy I shall be there before you.
Also they provided a valuable service—economies of scale when it came to doing the necessary due diligence on investments.
Daley brings to the job a fantastic fund of energy and diligence.
You need to go through your due diligence just as you would looking at a stock for the first time.
Exercise due diligence in determining which vendors best suit your needs before signing on the dotted line.
They tackle the often unfamiliar job with uncommon diligence.
The payoff for diligence, though, is a car that will turn heads wherever you drive.
Nor did college officials' due diligence end there.
Those were common themes-my students valued patience and diligence, and they liked to write about family.
In part, it was the way he spoke of politics as a profession, and one that deserves diligence.
Hunger and inadequate water security will happen without diligence from us all.
My own due diligence on the subject has brought me to the conclusion that the cholesterol story is a myth.
And if there really is an emergency, all the more reason for due diligence, not blind faith.
Issuing a press release saying, essentially, we're all gonna die means they should do some due diligence.
Good reasoning, thinking and math skills are important, and require sustained work and diligence to master.
These subjects must be explored with diligence and humility in the age of austerity that we're entering.
However, at a certain point curiosity and diligence become a form of pressure.
It is important to perform due diligence to understand the different avenues.
No committee or group can be held responsible for such a lack of due diligence.
But some employers say that the school's graduates display diligence, while students at other colleges are used to being coddled.
Which is why preserving labor is now a laborious task that requires extreme care and diligence.
And you are to be complimented for highlighting these dangers and doing diligence to investigate some of these issues.
But remember that one goal of your tenure-track years is to establish an image of seriousness, focus, and diligence.
HR has to do their due diligence and approve, and so do the administrative levels on up to the top.
In the case of an online course, in which the preparation of online material is more intense, such diligence is more important.
It's called caution, due diligence, and a host of other things.
But that's all the more reason to perform your due diligence and determine how much you want a job.
If they have legitimate market research to back it up then they did their due diligence.
It also avoided, less famously but with equal diligence, anything that hinted at cultural pretension.
They were blinded by greed and seduced by high returns, and want me to reimburse them for their lack of proper due diligence.
Finding none, the due diligence pretty much stopped there.
What an avoidable error that more diligence and/or intensified focus would have definitely prevented.
Entrepreneurs who want to enter this world must perform due diligence and ask questions.
By diligence and patience the mouse ate into the cable.
They require at my hands diligence, integrity, and capacity wherever there are duties to be performed.
Mark now what profit they took of this one occasion through diligence and earnest travail.
In some cases angels are skimping on due diligence to win deals.
As important as the need for clear vision and due diligence before a merger is a clear strategy after it.
The key to making any investment is thorough due diligence.
Honesty, loyalty and diligence of employee are the factors here.
Other potential buyers could then do their due diligence and make better offers.
Nor, despite due diligence, do the foreigners really know how clean their partners' books are.
In such times, if one can do complete due diligence before giving loans to borrowers they can make money.
Some products were so complex, and the chains from borrower to end-investor so long, that thorough due diligence was impossible.
Financiers are sometimes skimping on due diligence in the scramble to win deals.
Being careless about this due diligence is inexcusable.
But ratings also became a stamp of actuarial approval that often let investors and regulators skimp on their own due diligence.
His diligence makes the reading interesting and informative, but hardly gripping.
The process of selecting a fee-only financial advisor should involve both time and extensive due diligence, experts say.
However, the actual dates of acts relied on to establish diligence must be provided.

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