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Example sentences for dilemma

I'm pretty new and want to really delve into this game but I have a dilemma.
Sometimes it takes a small, focused company to solve a vexing design dilemma.
So we are still facing the dilemma.
He carried the dilemma of whether to intrude or not to intrude.
The dilemma arises, however, when we attempt to implement these fundamental constitutional principles.
But it also posed a real safety dilemma.
In addition, her dilemma regarding a friendship with her neighbor Ruth is never resolved.
Pious statements, high-sounding resolutions, and dire warnings do not solve our dilemma.
This is a dilemma and it can't be solved.
Working at home presents a different kind of dilemma.
It's an age-old dilemma, one that's not too easy to conquer.
Your husband should consider this dilemma as much his own as yours.
It may be that our current dilemma is another episode in a longish cyclical history.
As the comments show, managing meetings is a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't dilemma for chairs and faculty alike.
It is a far better solution to this dilemma than using per-course adjuncts.
The story of the cancer patient and his lapse in belief is interesting, and may point to an ethical dilemma for researchers.
Clearly you can go about resolving this dilemma in many ways.
The dilemma of the mentally ill is trying to determine which is worse: disorder symptoms or drug side effects.
Leaving aside the politics, the disagreement hinged on a genuine dilemma.
It's time for solutions, time to stop wringing our hands and lamenting our dilemma.
It seems a fair statement to the human social dilemma.
Quantum mechanics, however, seems to open a possible solution to this dilemma.
Science writers with political connections face a dilemma when the evidence clashes with their politics.
They're usually too small for us to even appreciate that there's a moral dilemma to them.
The traditional solution to this dilemma has been a flip-flop hub, which is fixed on one side and freewheel on the other.
Their example invites reflection on a modern dilemma: how to balance the rights of the individual with the needs of the community.
The only possible escape from the philosophical dilemma of war is unbending pacifism.
It happens over the heads of poor parents, as if they are too simple to have an opinion on the dilemma they themselves are living.
One game in particular has proved especially informative in both disciplines: the prisoner's dilemma.
It is a dilemma that goes beyond partisan politics and journalistic ethics.
But abalone were so numerous, and people so scare, that there wasn't much of a dilemma then.
The idea reflects an eternal dilemma for governments everywhere.
All these issues can be summed up in one big dilemma.
The battery-maker's dilemma is that the recharging rate depends on the area of contact between electrolyte and electrode.
The dilemma the opposition faces has become sharper.
Those who suspect a bubble face the same dilemma as textbook prisoners: it makes sense to act sensibly only if others do so too.
One such father, an ex-deputy mayor, describes the system as a conjugal version of the prisoner's dilemma.
And sometimes a third factor makes the dilemma still more intractable: a warlord with absolutely no interest in peace.
The incident illustrates the dilemma the best public servants face.
No one denies the moral dilemma of the stem cell debate.
If one health advocacy group has its way, parents will never have to face this common dilemma again.

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