dilation in a sentence

Example sentences for dilation

Gravitational red shift wavelength dilation proves gravity is produced by the absorption of time by matter.
Actually time dilation is measurable even at slower speed.
Both laws prohibited the procedure known medically as intact dilation and extraction.
If urethral dilation is not successful or possible, you may need surgery to correct the condition.
Faster and faster also means entering time dilation relativistic lag with the computer.
What's a little time dilation between friends along with prolonged being in this world.
Chemicals in the venom result in the dilation of blood vessels, causing fluids to seep into the surrounding tissue.
It has been suggested that the time dilation in the early universe may allow light to exceed the established speed limit.
One is a constriction of the blood vessels in the brain the other a dilation.
Neither eye dilation nor verbal response is required.
However, in the limit as a clock is held at a small constant distance above the horizon, the dilation diverges to infinite.
When calibrating against that frequency standard, the gravitational time dilation would become obvious.
Dilation of pupils, increased perspiration, and so forth.
Spacetime curvature and time dilation can be calculated from theory of relativity.
The illusion of time has created ideas of time travel, time dilation, which remain as fantasies.
Another interesting but seldom talked about phenomenon is time dilation based on metabolic rates.
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