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Later years brought decline, as some districts became dilapidated domains of drug dealers and street people.
The slums were razed and dilapidated housing was replaced by high- income private housing and low income public housing.
The photographs, a mix of street scenes and interiors, show color-saturated stucco storefronts and dilapidated courtyards.
Moreover, despite his dilapidated garb and unkempt hair, he maintains a role of quiet authority.
It still stands, but in a very dilapidated state.
The dilapidated old building had been neatly painted, plastered and papered.
In many countries, equipment is now ancient and dilapidated.
It's one of the country's tremendous shames that we let the rail network get so dilapidated.
Our house is a dilapidated 1940s white wooden job with peeling paint and bars on the windows.
Around the house the sheds lay empty and dilapidated.
We have a dilapidated shed in the backyard that needs replacing, but it probably won't happen this year.
He is working on converting the last dilapidated building on the grounds into a library for metalworking sources.
Working in a dilapidated shed with broken windows and poor ventilation, she nonetheless was able to make sensitive measurements.
We bounce along in the dilapidated chariot, squealing and holding on for dear life.
IN the town's poorest neighborhoods the houses are small and dilapidated but still private.
Turn left then right around the church grounds and continue past boarded up, dilapidated storefronts.
They went there to show photographs they had taken of their shockingly dilapidated school buildings in rural parts of the state.
In the next few weeks families from the dilapidated huts that once stood on the site will move in.
It was dilapidated at the time but packed with squatters, dozens of whom died when the building collapsed.
Oil gave him power far beyond the confines of his dilapidated state.
But its gorgeous smooth surface suddenly gives way to a dilapidated, pot-holed obstacle course for the rest of the journey.
In daylight, a few idle smokestacks loom above a handful of dilapidated factories and other structures.
However, the position does tend to preserve dental data, useful for identifying dilapidated corpses.
Hospital buildings are dilapidated, while medicine and equipment are often in short supply.
The house is dilapidated, and every day there are many chores.
The house is hidden by trees and bushes, and dilapidated.
He pointed out a dilapidated wrought-iron bench that had belonged to his parents.
The city, which has a population of more than seven hundred thousand, is dilapidated.
The place is much dilapidated, but one can still see the regimental symbols and the sad old grave markers from lost campaigns.
Breakneck growth and dilapidated infrastructure have already made flooding a fact of life in many cities.
Two low-lying, dilapidated brick housing projects border the neighborhood.
These establishments cater to residents and range from dilapidated bars to cozy, well-furnished taverns.
It is the property owner's responsibility to repair, replace or remove any structurally unsound or dilapidated fence.
Required to inspect dilapidated and sometimes unsafe buildings.
However, over the past couple decades, dilapidated conditions of the pond has kept the pond from holding water.
Many businesses and government agencies departed for the suburbs, resulting in empty storefronts and dilapidated neighborhoods.
To develop new facilities to replace old, dilapidated, overcrowded buildings and structures.
During the past year, the city has fixed the building's dilapidated roof.
Dilapidated condition of old mine works and shaft surface location prior to initiating plugging activities.
The aging facility has been recommended for replacement because of its dilapidated condition.
The boat launch area formerly contained an unpaved dirt parking area and an old, dilapidated boat ramp.

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