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Archaeological digs have unearthed widespread evidence of breath-hold diving in seaside cultures.
If you sit back, the back of the chair digs into the small of your back.
They are actively seeking areas where they can conduct more digs in the hopes of finding additional fossil evidence.
But, hungry or not, the ant-lion digs a bigger pit when the moon is full.
They would be better served with using this money for pencils and paper for the poorest and better digs.
At the same time, the company also digs into a gold mine unique to this picturesque city.
In fact, the larva digs a small tunnel out to the edge of the plant, and then crawls back inside.
The dormant volcano still looms over the archeological digs.
Beginning today, zookeepers will decide on a daily basis whether or not to let the lion cubs roam their outdoor digs.
No one digs deeper in this huge area than it takes to plant rice or corn.
These two parts of the animal take it in turns to act as an anchor, while the other digs further into the sediment.
And then he digs for explanations with total disregard for the demands of political correctness.
But as soon as one hole is filled, the economy-still bad, even if no longer technically in recession-digs another.
His early personal digs in the debate played poorly in the town-hall format, and he may have realised it.
The more that outsiders meddle, the deeper the regime digs in.
The first is a cup-shaped filter that sticks out from the filter unit and digs under the floating grounds.
It all requires deep pockets, and the church digs into them for one reason only: the salvation of the dead.
However, when artifacts emerge on the scene quite apart from archaeological digs, experts rightly question authenticity.
The site ranks links based largely on how many digs they receive.
The remaining three digs have been severely scaled back.
Based on fossils discovered in earlier digs, hominids appear to have lived in the area for nearly six million years.
Lodging options range from modern luxuries blended with historic charm to bunkhouse digs reminiscent of summer camp.
Today, the area is home to a number of historical recreations at the living history museum, and archeological digs continue.
She digs for the facts and follows the story to its logical conclusion.
J ay, already in his denims, greeted them in the private digs in his new studio.
It has also given him grand digs, which is more than many of the city's aristocrats can claim.
Occasionally, though, digestible digs are worn out of desperation or habit.
She digs into a large leather bag and produces some books.
The team's test digs have backed up their imaging findings.
We're also working on arranging corporate sponsorship of particular digs.
Your new digs and life as a full-time writer must agree with you.
But only if she digs up his body and puts it in the chair.
It appeared to me that this site would be a good place to conduct another of our public fossil digs.
Because of the change in tides that occurs in spring, those digs will all be held during morning hours.
Hunting seasons, clam digs signal the beginning of fall.
After hatching, the larva digs a cylindrical burrow at the site of oviposition.
Activities will include hands-on archaeological digs and a field trip to an excavation site.
Teach students about paleontological digs and their difficulties.
It seldom digs, but will use hollow logs and burrows of ground hogs or other mammals.
It does not help that my dog, a boxer, digs up the little burrows looking for the varmints.
May also digs into how better public policy might be forged from less--not more--government action.

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Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; and whoever breaks through a wall will be bitten by a snake.... more
There is, of course, a gold mine or a buried treasure on every mortgaged homestead. Whether the farmer ever digsmore
Whoever finishes a revolution only halfway, digs his own grave.... more
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