digress in a sentence

Example sentences for digress

But they have allowed society to progress (or digress, based on your perspective) to where we are today.
Let me digress one further moment.
But we cannot digress in that direction.
But we digress from the entertaining mudslinging at hand.
After having tutored and worked with many students in math over the years I have to digress from the results of this study.
Sorry, the sounds make us digress.
Now let me digress a bit.
She turns down no opportunity to digress.
I'm going to have to digress a little to answer you.
We digress here momentarily to emphasize the data-adaptive nature of the basis into which the time series is decomposed.
Let me digress into a short technical discussion of how this incredible error took place.
Do not allow it to digress into unpleasant exchanges between the participants.

Famous quotes containing the word digress

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