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He was of handsome form, comely in countenance, with an aspect of gravity and dignity and majesty and stateliness.
You have nothing to lose but postage and dignity.
Increased immigration of workers of all skills levels will help allow retirees to age and die with dignity.
The word gaman means to bear the seemingly unbearable with dignity and patience.
Strapping on a Bluetooth headset doesn't have to mean casting off dignity.
The revolution promised women dignity, as well as equality.
Just stop now while you only look a little foolish and can salvage some dignity.
The pine tree symbolizes longevity and dignity.
This is a tragedy, focusing attention on real people who lose not just necessary wages but dignity, self-respect and hope.
Anyone with even a hint of any kind of dignity and self respect would refrain from this sort of behavior.
And these feelings are intrinsically woven in with a sense of dignity.
They see his dignity, his manhood, his stylish dress.
At times such grants steered science seem to amount to welfare with dignity.
As to your diversional tactic of discussing surfactants as sole agents of damage, please have some dignity.
The problem will be to give it the universal dignity of a science that all can agree upon.
Famines are often defined through loss: loss of livelihoods, loss of dignity, and loss of life.
The really good writers know that they will be attacked, and they make every attempt to maintain some dignity.
But there wasn't a lot of dignity intact after this one.
Ministry tends to the feet, dignity of city's homeless.
It's quiet, cerebral and difficult to understand at times, and yet there are moments of real grace and dignity.
Other countries still treat there prisoners with dignity.
Even in refugee camps people have their pride and want to maintain their dignity, and you've got to respect that.
They gave him a ceremony and the dignity he deserved.
Human warehouse with no dignity for people in the system regardless of your crime or mistakes.
It has given dignity and meaning to drab and impoverished lives.
So his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity.
And the atmosphere of intellectual squalor in which the salaried writer operates would offend his dignity.
Back then, the answer seemed to be that it would have smacked of political expediency and offended his sense of honor and dignity.
It dowered them, at the stroke, with a new feeling of intellectual dignity and of intellectual security.
Respect for the dignity of the individual demands that the attorney be heard fully.
The best chefs kept their recipes, and their dignity, and trained the next generation.
But the journal's definition of dignity has proved incompatible with the country's democracy.
We want people to be able to hold up their heads and raise their children in dignity.
It cannot be placed in a utilitarian context, because its violation of human dignity is so grave it is an absolute evil.
The dignity and spookiness of this picture are appealing.
And they seemed to do it with genuine respect and dignity.
He is said to have been honoured there with the episcopal dignity, about the middle of the sixth century.
The abbacy falling vacant, he was raised against his will to that dignity.
People who have lost everything including their dignity often find ways to escape.
There is so little grace and dignity left in the process when colleagues are ready to sell their souls for advancement.
If he admits that they have any intellectual dignity whatever, he admits that he himself has none.
It is in everyone's best interest to treat all applicants with dignity, respect, and timely communications.
Let research proceed along other lines that respect the dignity of every human individual at every stage of development.
For the dying, dignity and comfort often means prescribing powerful drugs.
Corporations are judged in part by the dignity they show in the face of crisis.
So for the troops to leave with dignity there needs to be some semblance of a peace process.
The second is that the right to voice your own opinions and convictions is inherent in the dignity of every human being.
It comes out as something more than dignity and shows on the face.
We wanted to give the regime the opportunity to retreat with dignity.
We never clothed him with those attributes of dignity which gentlemen have accused us of ascribing to him.
Such an act doesn't require a toga, but it does demand a bit of dignity.
She carries herself with strange dignity, as if she were an emissary of a secret order, a messenger from a lost kingdom.
The dignity and rights of animals must be respected and protected.
Once as a schoolboy he refused to run in a cross-country race because he thought running was beneath his dignity.
One of the things you learn in law school is that a trial, to comport with due process, must have dignity.
It has always possessed a sense of dignity out of all proportion to its size.
He neither flinched nor faltered, and his repose and dignity would have done honor to a saint.
The story describes the empty despair of suburbia, the lack of meaningful existence, of romance and human dignity.
What resulted was a volley of unpredictable gestures-solemn or wild, often futile, but not without a streak of comic dignity.
The dignity of movement of an ice-berg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water.
Kermit has a quiet dignity, but he's easily aggravated.
But they will give the debates more dignity and more urgency.
Nearly everything on view possesses similarly obdurate dignity.
And yet there is a dignity in its specificity and even some innovation in its approach to capitalization and sentence form.
The new poems seem to be a kind of plea to accept the shifts and the dignity of life's changes.
It was merely a history and would have been better as a poem, but it possessed a kind of lonely dignity.
After a few months of agonized suffering, you'll die with dignity, knowing you've eased the tax burden for all of us.
The prospect strikes directly at conventional notions of human dignity and freedom.
Human dignity should not be contingent on details of ancestry.
It restores dignity and understanding to those who wrestle with depression.
Sharia law, etc represent abominations to anyone that supports freedom and human dignity.

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