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Example sentences for dignitaries

Pigs run wild on a highway while dignitaries swim in a polluted river.
To his surprise he began to get hired from time to time to follow dignitaries and celebrities around.
We retrace our steps and eventually find our way to the director's office, where various dignitaries are gathering.
These pieces are given as gifts to foreign dignitaries and are able to observe and communicate back.
Sometimes local dignitaries join the procession, adorned with chains of office, sometimes not.
The library is the location for many lectures and receptions, especially by visiting dignitaries.
But bad weather also meant that humanitarian airlifts probably would be halted and visits from foreign dignitaries delayed.
He likes to receive visiting dignitaries on the new tennis courts that are the pride of his fiefdom.
Some northern dignitaries argue that the group is hardly more ambitious today.
Wherever they stopped, they were greeted by stiff lines of dignitaries or mobbed by paparazzi and the curious public.
Dignitaries spoke over a tinny public-address system.
The few restaurants that survived were drab, soulless spots reserved for party grandees and visiting dignitaries.
Dignitaries were stoned and journalists charged by mounted police.
Hotels are full, airports packed and the foreign ministry deluged with foreign dignitaries.
Lots of dignitaries were here to shovel the dirt and give inspiring speeches.
Especially for high-profile leaders and dignitaries.
They're empty now, the photographs of grandchildren and dignitaries presumably boxed up and moved to a new locale.
She sees no one except the two relatives who live with her, her doctor, and-every year or two-visiting dignitaries.
He pointed to a large shade tree under which foreign dignitaries would sit, and another spot where musicians played.
At one point, dignitaries on the platform were introduced.
So, the list of dignitaries and royalty invited is greatly reduced.
He and the other dignitaries had waited three hours for the storm to subside.
The memorial will include dignitaries, guest speakers and live performances.
She greets so many foreign dignitaries it makes her yawn.
The government will also host a service for invited guests and dignitaries.

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