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Example sentences for dignified

You've made many accusations, but not one of them is dignified by a single verifiable reference.
Our taste generally is for portraiture that is much livelier, less preoccupied with the dignified facade.
Grab something a bit more dignified for professional use.
But old clocks--especially the dignified grandfather.
They were rather dignified and scholarly in tone, outlined some of the programs the school offered, and invited students to apply.
The fact that this is a more dignified way to end one's life is an added bonus.
He wants to exit life in a cheerful and dignified way.
It's a really dignified way to interact with people.
In the rapid growth of the city and its mania for rebuilding, the dignified old mansion is one of the few relies to be preserved.
There are too many of us competing for too few jobs for the process to be dignified.
We have all been to countries where the security is no less vigilant but so much more dignified.
His letter of resignation is a touching the dignified specimen of composition.
Large crowds gathered peacefully and in a dignified way.
It could be that he ate something that upset his stomach and is running to the bathroom, but in a dignified manner.
It is good that this small but dignified protest succeeded.
The perfect position is one that is easy, but dignified.
He appears to advantage when marching at an elephant's natural dignified pace.
We strive to provide dignified service and quality care in a homelike environment that is full of activity.
Cremation is an affordable and dignified process that is growing increasingly popular.

Famous quotes containing the word dignified

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