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Example sentences for digital photography

Additional expertise in digital photography, illustration, or painting is desirable.
The three researchers paved the way for broadband telecommunications and the proliferation of digital photography.
Nobody discusses these important aspects of digital photography.
After hours, he pushes the limits of high-speed, up-close and on-the-cheap digital photography.
Warp, where an amazing, unseen world comes to light through high-speed digital photography.
Digital photography is normally constrained by the software built into the camera by its manufacturer.
Now that digital photography has all but eclipsed film, people are starting to pay attention to the quality of their pictures.
And yet now that digital photography's mainstream, we're going to do that.
Familiarity with digital photography and file types a plus.
Digital photography allows us to shoot quickly and cheaply.
But what was especially satisfying about getting the shot was the magic of digital photography.
Digital photography has made it easier to take many more photographs.
The second thing they ask is what my father would think of digital photography.
The non-believers obviously don't know much about digital photography.
Their weddings, the birthdays are all on digital photography.
Two other scientists developed the electronic eye that makes digital photography possible.
The growing popularity of digital photography is playing havoc with the traditional film business.
Digital photography's flexible format has been a boon to consumers.
Kodak made the sale to permit it to concentrate on film sales and digital photography.
Employment growth of photographers will be constrained somewhat by the widespread use of digital photography.
As digital photography goes mainstream, the camera business is being transformed.
Some have been redesigned to create new types of cameras especially for digital photography.
Kodak is trying to capitalise on opportunities created by digital photography, such as designing easier-to-use equipment.
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