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The digital revolution has transformed both the fashion industry and pop culture.
Researchers and students haven't stopped reading in this digital era.
Warier users can install a personal digital wallet on their own computers.
Digital motion-detection cameras capture elusive wildlife.
In digital cameras, more pixels normally translate to better pictures.
Only then will he capture them in outsize photographs that he takes not with a camera but with a digital tool-a flatbed scanner.
Take notes with your digital camera and don't worry about the weather.
The publishing industry is still feeling out ways to take advantage of new digital formats.
Researchers are adding radio-powered sensors, drug-delivering systems and wireless digital displays to contact lenses.
It's fun to watch these industries reinvent themselves in the digital age.
The world of children's digital books is quickly becoming as densely populated as the rest of the app world, if not more so.
The transition to digital television broadcasting is now complete.
It is easy to see why content owners want to limit digital copying.
The latest digital cameras have made vacation photography a snap.
Lately, microscopy has been greatly enhanced by digital image processing.
There are still a few things film cameras do that digital cameras don't.
Add audio captions to travel photos and mementos by using this innovative digital recorder and playback device.
Digital gadgets demand ever more of our attention with their rude and thoughtless interruptions.
The key is shifting the chemical world into the digital world.
Testing the medical expertise of the digital herd.
Be on the leading edge of digital video technology.
IC chips bring digital quality to conventional radios.
Digital photographs should be submitted at the highest resolution possible.
The semi-annual trip to the dentist gets more interesting as more dentists go digital.
Reply with cool things you have done with your digital camera.
With a little work and the right software, you can get your digital music collection humming.
After years of false starts, theater owners remain skeptical of the digital revolution.
Digital products can be less beautiful than physical ones.
The digital photography revolution is in full-swing.
Most people do nothing when confronted with blatant displays of digital rudeness, a corporate training firm has found.
Scholars turn monographs into digital conversations.
The soapbox of the digital age draws a crowd of academics.
Generating digital content for the media you already own is a frustrating experience.
Print and digital subscribers receive full access to each week's edition.
And, unlike a digital camera, you almost instantly get something you can hold in your hand and keep.
Cellphones are slowly killing inexpensive digital cameras.
Digital photography has taken family photos to unexpected places: coffee mugs, mouse pads, aprons and even jigsaw puzzles.
Tech companies handcuff our files to protect against digital pirates.
The original vision was to create a printer small enough to fit inside a digital camera.
The only downside is that the jewelry was of the digital variety.
If you think all things digital are magic, there's now a digital pen gadget that might easily impress you.
Second, every broadcast medium is moving to a digital format, and digital means data compression.
The major labels seem to be willing to abandon digital rights management.
Discover the town through an interactive digital model.
It also reminds me of how bad my handwriting has become since the digital age rolled in.
It's a great opportunity to load up your digital camera with great shots.
We've all felt overwhelmed by our daily gluttony of the digital lifestyle.
Maybe it's a new way to store your digital music collection.
He cranked out digital cameras and offered customers the ability to post and share pictures online.
High-quality scans of non-digital photographs are acceptable.
If the nature of the universe is indeed digital then what the speed of light defines for us is the processor speed.
It's the equivalent of physical design, but applied to the digital and virtual world.
Digital flow or noise, if not handled properly, will destroy your focus.
It built itself selling camera film, a business that's been pushed into obsolescence by the digital revolution.
Digital media are transforming the publishing industry.
Educators must teach their students to be effective citizens of the digital world.
Digital sales are growing, but not as fast as traditional sales are falling.
Social media was supposed to usher in an age of digital democracy.
Pixels are an anachronism, the clumsy brush strokes of the digital world.
Digital books are flying off the proverbial shelves.
The project would largely base its digital map on high-tech extrapolations from existing, pre-digital maps.
Capture rare wildlife activity with digital motion-detection and infrared cameras, and inconspicuous bird cameras.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, digital satellite imagery could inspire tomes' worth of new environmental policies.
With a digital camera, check the images as you shoot.
Digital devices are usually used for consuming information, not creating it.
The complete archive is available to subscribers in the digital edition.
Simply go to your local library's web site and find the digital book catalog.
And now in the digital age of publishing, the camera is perceived by some as a violation of privacy and even a potential threat.
In an age of cinematic digital wizardry, such heavy-handed stage effects are best omitted.
The addition of digital computers created what is known as fly-by-wire.
These pictures, which were taken by doctors in the field with personal digital cameras, were not intended for publication.
Her solution combines digital technology with the familiar paper notebooks that villagers prefer.
Scientists are a step closer to constructing a digital version of the human visual system.
The search firm wants to organize all digital information.
And digital music, again in all fairness, isn't necessarily cheaper.
These devices could enable completely new kinds of digital marketing that make ads more relevant, meaningful, and effective.
Digital cameras rely on silicon to turn light into electrical current.
Those are increasingly digital, and still repose largely at the agencies that created them, or in temporary holding centers.
If digital navel-gazing goes mainstream, it could transform medicine.
Digital sky surveys and real-time telescopic observations are unleashing an unprecedented flood of information.
It's easy to feel both amazed and utterly overwhelmed by the amount of information that humans have created in the digital age.
If they remove that digital skull altogether, they leave behind the outlines of a virtual brain.
Digital recording is a music lover's dream but a music company's nightmare.
Indeed, the effect of digital technology on culture has been exactly that, but childhood is not entirely easy.
Those are caused by dust and dirt on the digital detector inside my camera.
Instead, they're the product of digital-age sharing.
If you subscribe to a digital cable service, you probably rent a set-top box from your cable operator.
Digital evidence is information stored or transmitted in binary form that may be relied on in court.
In the digital world there are no movies or magazines or pieces of music.
Digital music, streaming video and e-books are wonderful.
When it comes to the distribution of digital entertainment, the planet has only two superpowers.

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