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Each bird, therefore, has a nine-digit number on its band-room for endless combinations.
When dialing from a local phone, use the area code and seven-digit phone number.
First, an earthquake is summarized by an easy-to-remember and easy-to-interpret single-digit number.
Once you enter in your sixteen digit card number, they will email you the discount code.
Also, you double the number of significant digits after every iteration instead of getting only one new digit as in long division.
Please note that the inmate's committed name and eight-digit register number must be entered correctly.
Conventionally grown produce carries a four-digit code.
The innermost or first digit on the hind foot of certain mammals.
Yet this increased revenue has not eased economic hardships, which include double-digit unemployment and inflation.
By the time he was finished with his experiments, his thumb was the only remaining digit.
In the ring digit, testosterone stimulates cell division, building up cartilage and bone to make the digit longer.
These animals also feature a single digit and elongated claw.
The digit is also useful for scooping the flesh out of coconuts and other fruits that supplement the animal's insect diet.
Double-digit unemployment is history in the region, and county governments find themselves flush with new revenue.
The closest modern comparison to the dinosaur's excessively long digit is the aye-aye.
Hand pockets provide a digit reprieve while searching for essentials.
Oversized hand pockets provide a quick digit reprieve while searching for essentials.
The money will largely come from ratepayers, already suffering from double-digit hikes in electricity costs.
We've been having temperatures as low as single digit.
Now subtract the four-digit year that you were born.
After years of double-digit gains, college endowments are feeling the pinch from distressed financial markets.
The sample was generated using random-digit-dialing methodology.
Many continue to see double-digit percentage increases.
Even more attention has been given to the double-digit percentage tuition increases at public universities.
Simply tying a tight string around the stalk can cause it to fall off in time if there are no bones in the digit.
Nearly every company that makes monuments advertises its triple-digit age.
And don't be fooled by the simple three-digit marketing.
They drove up home prices up by double-digit annual percentages in some regions.
The plan to fix the problem was to release more area codes and start ten-digit dialing, which did indeed happen.
Moreover, numerous provinces have submitted their own plans that still include double-digit growth.
Together, the bar code and the check digit became essential to early electronic commerce.
Those new copies also often run into three-digit prices.
Which indicates that they had an abstract understanding of the single-digit amounts.
Anything that can green up the operating efficiencies of new shipping by double-digit percentages would be a notable contribution.
And there were real practical advantages to using shorter, two-digit years in dates at the time they were put in place.
Yes, it does build traffic in the mid to high single digit rates.
Further, the extra leg had six toes instead of five, which were made up of two out digits and one middle digit on each side.
Only a single-digit percentage of people really understand how to sift through the way science is reported now.
Each digit is made from conductive silicone and easily attaches to gloves using metal pins.
If the second digit is two, it is near the middle of the ship.
If the second digit is three, your room is toward the back.
In addition, weeks of triple-digit temperatures have dried up reservoirs, leaving crops to wither and animals and fish to die.
Several sectors have earned double-digit returns so far this year.
We expect only single digit returns for global developed equities for the full year.
Hence the latest fad, to which many investors now look for their desired double-digit returns: bricks and mortar.
Urban white-collar workers, for years pampered by double-digit growth, speak of shrinking bonuses and frozen wages.
Double digit customer disappointment rates are a leading indicator of double digit customer defection rates.
Investors have poured money into them, hoping for double-digit returns even as markets stayed flat.
Double-digit house-price inflation is unsustainable over the long term with near-zero inflation.
Investors are likely to cheer a second consecutive year of double-digit returns.
The position allotted to each pulse in the circuit signifies the digit it represents.
After several years of double-digit growth, house prices have slowed sharply.
The length of each segment, before it juts out, corresponds to a digit in pi.
The signal then went to work organizing local pre-digit tissue into digits.
Astronomy frequently deals with approximate values that may have no more than one significant digit.
Even among our gauche crew, publicly celebrating your nine-digit haul was considered over the top.
Five vertical stainless-steel panels between the two closets would lower when a five-digit secret code was triggered.
The scare propaganda gets weaker with each yearly double-digit premium hike.
But temperatures are still expected to fall, with single-digit wind chills possible.
State-federal review of health insurance rate increases begins, double-digit price hikes must be justified.

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